Climate Changes 



Before the seas start to rise from the melting polar ice, we can expect more bizarre changes to the global weather. These changes are occurring today at an accelerated rate. According to scientists, reported on CNN Aug 2007, the arctic ice will be completely melted by 2020. 

Don't let cooler weather fool you. This is a byproduct of melting ice and increased amounts of moisture in the air caused by the melting ice caps  and the shifted axis which altered our position @1200 miles further south in summer & @1200 miles farther north in winter. Hence, hotter summers& colder winters. 

Be sure to check the catastrophic global weather disasters during 2007, 2008 & 2009. None of the news networks bothered to cover most of these events, but until you have seen these lists and reports for yourself, you will not believe the enormity of the situation.

When is the last time the news covered any of the Global weather catastrophes? Tornadoes in countries which had never seen one before? Tornadoes in the middle of winter? It's becoming commonplace now. Did you know how many times India and surrounding countries were hit by terrible monsoons in 2007? How many times were states of emergency declared in 2007 for Winter weather and summer flooding in the US? We are seeing catastrophic weather worldwide. Historic numbers of Volcano and seismic events, massive earthquakes in South America... and how many of you knew that St Helen's lava dome is expanding again and has been undergoing seismic activity for months? Or how many of you are aware that there are now approximately 350 earthquakes above 4.0 worldwide on a monthly basis? When is the last time you heard about any of this on the news? 

Did anyone know that the UK had more than 600 people die from a heat wave about in 2003? For those of you who don't know... the UK is chilly and damp and breezy all year long. They are surrounded by icy cold arctic seas... at least they used to be icy cold. That was the reason it was always so chilly there. Just like California whose cool weather is created by another icy arctic current, are having droughts and heat waves as well. The UK has also had severe flooding and tornadoes. None of this is normal weather for them.

The UK has posted websites to help its citizens plan and prepare for the weather conditions which are occurring. They consider it to be Permanent changes in the weather and they were nice enough to include info for the US citizens since they know we are not receiving any info from our own government.

  • There will be a lot more rain, storms, snow and flooding due to the increased moisture in the air caused by massive evaporation of the melting polar ice. This heavy precipitation and increased humidity will continue until the ice has completed melting.
  • Some areas near the melting ice... especially those areas close to glaciers and the north seas will experience much cooler temperatures. This is a product of melting ice. Ice water is actually colder than solid ice. So, for some living in those areas such as Yakutat, Alaska, they will be miserably cold. This will continue to occur in those areas until all of the ice has melted.
  • Another product of the same melting effect is increased fog. When the ice and warm air come into contact, it creates a cold, damp fog. An example of an instant version of this process was one hot summer day in the Midwest US during a heavy hail storm.  Golf ball sized hail completely covered the ground, went into rapid melt and turned into a thick, cold fog within minutes, changing a 90F degree temperature day into a 60F degree temperature day in less than 15 minutes. All of the ice was gone within the hour but the fog lingered.
  • The Jet stream has already begun to drastically alter its course, often dipping due south into Mexico, creating droughts in some areas and floods in others. It has been replaced with spiral weather patterns creating weekly alternating hot & cold weather systems.
  • Once the arctic has melted, the cold arctic current which keeps the west coast of the US cool, will become much warmer. The west coast of the US and Canada will become very hot without the ice cold arctic current. It is already beginning, judging by the NWS heat warnings for Portland in July 2008 and the drought emergency in California in Feb 2009.
  • Warmer temperatures and melting ice will eventually reduce the cold fronts and cold mountain air which will alter the rain patterns and regional climates. Some areas will flood and others will begin to turn into deserts.
  • Tornadoes have already become a global problem year round. It is no longer unusual to see winter tornadoes or tornadoes in Europe. Prior to 2000, global and winter tornadoes were nonexistent.
  • Migrations of birds and other animals will be affected by the changes in weather killing off entire species. Already, birds are migrating farther north than before due to the warming trends.
  • Insects will become insufferable. Even now, plagues of mosquitoes are increasing and carrying more diseases. Honey bees are dying and swarms of crickets and locusts have begun to increase. Cockroaches and fire ants may very well inherit the earth.