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3 Mile Island Cancer Cover-up Nuclear Specialist Revelation
GPS impacted by powerful solar radio burst NOAA News Release 4-4-2007
GPS System Failure caused by Solar Flare 12-2006 Reuters (no evidence of flare)
Nokia unresponsive GPS phones Nokia 7-19-2007
List of all major flares University of MD (12-2006 flare is missing)
Data on all significant flares  University of MD (12-2006 flare is missing)
Celias Solar proton chart SOHO Celias (No evidence of flare)
Space Weather Alerts

SEC-NOAA 12-2006 (no evidence of flare)

Dec 5th 2006 at 10:18 UT  X9 solar flare NOAA False solar flare story
Solar storm sheared atmosphere 9-24-98  NASA news release articles
Solar wind blows Earth's atmosphere into space  NASA 12-8-98 article [9-24-98 event]
ion fountain scientific probe  NASA 1-7-99 article [9-24-98 event]
Solar wind squeezes Earth's atmosphere into space  NASA 12-8-98 article [9-24-98 event]
FEMA Disasters by Year and state  FEMA
Earth Observatory natural disasters NASA
Tornadoes of 2008 Wikipedia
Tornadoes of 2007 Wikipedia
Tornadoes of 2009 Wikipedia
Flood Observatory 2007 Dartmouth
NWS national & state data NOAA
Global earthquakes (4.0>) last 30 days IRIS
Global earthquakes (all) last 7 days USGS
Satellite weather image loops Plymouth State Weather center
Volcanic & seismic activity by year NASA earth Observatory
Global Volcanic data Smithsonian & USGS
Solar & geomagnetic data (last 30 days) Solen
GOES system status page NOAA NGDC
Solar observatory images SOHO, NASA-ESA
Lasco CME catalogue  NASA
Lasco Solar imaging  Navy Research Lab
Lasco C2 Corona Images 12-1-06 to 12-11-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
Lasco C2 Corona Images 12-12-06 to 12-19-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
Lasco C2 Corona Images 12-20-06 to 12-31-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
Lasco C3 Images 12-1-06 to 12-12-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
MDI Magnetogram Images 12-1-06 to 12-31-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
MDI Continuum Images 11-15-06 to 1-16-07 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
EIT 171 images 12-1-06 to 12-15-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
EIT 195 images for 12-1-06 to 1-14-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
EIT 284 images for 12-1-06 to 12-15-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
EIT 304 images for 12-1-06 to 12-15-06 SOHO [NASA-ESA]
Earth's wobble changed map Dawn Newspaper group report
Change in earth's rotational speed Live Science Imaginova science magazine
Earth's axis change and wobble Center for educational technologies WJU
Earth's wobble and axis shift Michael Mandeville mathematician
earths wobble iron core Imaginova science magazine
earth wobbles Peaceful planet Live Science magazine report
polar motion Michael Mandeville mathematician
Precession of the Equinoxes Carnival website
ice ages blamed on tilted earth Live Science Imaginova media magazine
Milankovitch  Cycles & Glaciation Montana EDU
Surviving Climate change UK Resilience gov't website
Climate Change Mitigation London gov't PDF file 
Climate Change Info London gov't PDF file
"Adapting to Climate Change" UK gov't PDF file
Impacts of Climate Change London gov't PDF File