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  • Tsunami's are caused by the abnormal movement of the earth when the axis shifts. Associated quakes are usually a byproduct of the shift as well. Quakes are not normally the source of a tsunami despite what you've been told and have a limited distance. Usually less than 400 miles.  There are other causes of tsunami's such as landslides, glacier breakage, volcanic eruption, etc.,  which also travel a limited distance. However, massive tsunamis & tectonic plate movement are typically caused by the abnormal motion or shifting of the planet.

  • When the 5th planet (Phaeton) between Mars & Jupiter was destroyed and shifted the orbits of Earth & Mars, it created massive tsunami  waves over 3 miles high & globally flooded our planet like the movie "2012". That salt water took hundreds of years to recede or evaporate in lower pockets of land. The salt created toxic soil & deserts. The 3 mile high waves also destroyed Puma Punku & deposited marine fossils at 13,000 ft  nearby as evidence. It also buried the sphinx, pyramids & Sahara in sand and created the Caspian sea as well as Salt Lake, Groom Lake and the grand canyon as the water slowly receded.

  • The sudden shift of Earth & Mars toward the destroyed 5th planet also caused instant freezing of the poles & mammals such as mammoths found frozen with food in their mouths. This was also the real cause of death of the dinosaurs. Not the asteroid which wasn't large enough to kill the entire species globally. The shift in orbit also froze the global floods in the polar regions creating a mini ice age. 

  • Mars was devastated, although oceans, lakes, rivers & intelligent life have managed to survive despite gov't coverups. Their cities were also destroyed by floods so they moved under ground. The asteroid belt & a few moons remain of the destroyed 5th planet. 2 asteroids entered the orbit of Mars and one of the 5th planet's  wandering moons entered the orbit of Earth. The debris from Phaeton's destruction also pockmarked the surface of our planets & moons.  However, be aware that many of the craters on Mars & our moon are artificial & used as underground shelters. This may indicate fear of attack. 

  • We do have solid evidence of a fierce  spaceship battle over Nuremberg in the 1500's in a woodprint. That was the last evidence of alien occupation of Earth. I believe they relocated to Mars. They were the tall aliens shown in a church fresco in Poland in the 1300', flying craft. There were two races of 8-10ft tall aliens. The dark curly haired visitors to ancient Sumeria & the  blond blue eyed group of Europe who were reread as gods of Rome.  The dark haired Anunaki of Sumeria became the gods of Egypt. Some of those ancient radioactive areas are more likely to be spaceship crashes rather them weapons or power plants.  Please visit my site with images of Mars to see what the gov't (CIA) has been hiding from the public.  My family was CIA so I know what I am talking about.  These are original photos from official sources.

  • Subsequent collisions in the asteroid belt could have caused a bright object in the sky like a star 2000 years ago. The sudden floods & freezing would have buried any cities & greenery on the Antarctic  continent & Atlantis, the Caribbean, the middle East & India. Anywhere the saltwater toxified the soil became desert. 

  • Global flood waters were hundreds of feet deep. The monuments of Egypt were buried in sand brought in by massive ocean floodwaters. The sands also covered the canals dug by ancient Egyptians to float the pyramid stones on barges right beside the pyramids to eliminate dragging the enormous blocks of stone except for a few feet with block & tackle, large pulleys & waterwheels. Similar to a mill grinding wheel which uses water power or animal or human. As they turn the wheel it  raises the stones up or down. Egypt was thick with trees they used for wood before the global floods killed nearly all human life around the globe and buried Egypt under tons of sand & water. Perhaps that was when the pyramids were left unfinished.  Only a handful of humans remained to record the buried history of Pharaohs. The canals have been detected by satellite penetrating radar but the archaeologist mistook them for roads. This was why there was a boat buried beside one of the Pyramids. Probably sunk in the canal.

  • Put 2" of water in an aquarium and slide it sideways to see how tsunami waves are created by movement of the planet. Some major Tsunami's were omitted by NOAA such as a large Tsunami caught on satellite on April 18, 2003 (2004) which nearly hit Hong Kong. They don't mention Tsunami's where there were few witnesses. Rogue waves are also unreported Tsunami's. Each are evidence of abnormal shifts of the earth & axis. The largest shifts occurred in 2004, 2006, 2011, 2013 & 2014. 

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