Our Sun is Offset 


(This was my first post about the axis change back in 2007)

There is a variance in the angle of the sun which is the most profound indicator that there is a serious situation occurring causing rapid global weather changes as well as an extreme increase in volcanic and seismic activity.  As we approach the Summer Solstice on June 21st, the sun will appear the furthest north point in our skies as it does every year. The northern most point for the sun has always been directly over the Tropic of Cancer which runs through central Mexico until now. Something has drastically changed.

On June 21st, 2007 and the days leading to and from that date, the Sun was rising and setting behind the horizon at a 26 degree angle to the north of Texas 

At no time should the sun ever be north of the Tropic of Cancer which runs through central Mexico. This essentially changed the position of the sun from Central Mexico to the center of the Dakotas. I photographed the position of the sun in relation to the measurable landmarks and calculated the the angle using satellite imagery and geometric measurements to determine the angle of the sun. You can see this laid out by clicking this link: Determining the Angle of the Sun

If you look at the sun at the moment it is passing behind the horizon at Sunrise and Sunset on June 21st, you will see the variance. The sun shining in through the north windows is what first drew my attention to the changes in the Sun. It had never shown through the windows facing directly true north before. Yet weeks before the Summer Solstice in 2007, I had the sunlight flooding into my north windows at both Sunrise and sunset which had never happened at any time previous. Then I learned that many other people were noticing the same thing so I started researching what would cause the sun to change position so dramatically as well as any other residual effects on the  seismic, volcanic and weather patterns. The problem is still present in the years since then. I check it every summer for changes. We will only continue to get worse, not better. It is too late to fix the problem.

To accurately see the position of the sun leading up to June 21st, you must view it at sunrise or sunset at the moment it touches the horizon. Only then can you see its true position. If you try to look at it while it is crossing the sky, you will not see the change since the path of the sun across our skies is a curved line and will throw off your perspective.  However, at the moment of Sunrise and Sunset, you can clearly see the actual, measurable position which you can use to calculate the angle. 

Keep in mind that most scientists... astronomers, astrophysicists, etc., all either work for the government, or for a government controlled entity either directly or indirectly. NASA, Observatories, Universities and even private corporations are nearly all held hostage to government grants & projects or DOD contracts. The rest are just backyard wannabe astronomers. Most scientists are under the pressure to go with the flow if they want to continue working in their chosen field. Their peers will gang up on them if they stray outside of the official stance on any issue... especially when gov't grant money is at stake.

Don't let people like this bully your judgment when you can see this with your own two eyes.



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