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I highly recommend to read this link about cancers and 3 mile island coverups. I had friends in Harrisburg who ended up with leukemia. 42 cases within just 2 blocks of their house. You could see 3 miles island about 5 miles away, while standing in their yard. Millions in payoff monies were provided but the victims were court ordered not to discuss their illnesses. You can also read that on Wikipedia and on other links listed below. The story on this link is true. 

3 Mile Island Nuclear Coverup Story



3 Mile Island Cancers
Japan Nuclear Accident
Worst Nuclear Deceptions
Living in a Contaminated Japan
Reducing Radioactive Fallout Exposure
2011 Geiger counter readings
Public Contamination Overview


PU workers accidents PDF Document
3 Mile Island Nuclear Coverup Story
$25 Million dollars in settlements
3 Mile Island Radiation Cancer
USS Ronald Reagan Crew cancers 


3 Mile Island Nuclear Cancer coverup

I had friends living within eyesight of the 3 mile island towers. Ten years after the accident, my friends wife was diagnosed with Leukemia. They told us there were 40 cases of Leukemia just within 2 blocks of their home. Just imagine how many others were affected if there were that many cases just in a two block area. My friend developed a severe case of fast onset Alzheimers and died 2 years later from a brain hemorrhage. I read where the power company offered payment settlements for those with Leukemia and other related cancers on the condition that they sign Agreements to keep their silence and not discuss their illnesses with the public or media. This is why you have never heard about the cancers caused by 3 mile island. They used money they needed for their cancer care to buy their silence. Here is the link to the payments and the actual scanned documents of court ordered silence.  $25 Million dollars in settlements were paid to litigants who were then under court order not to discuss their injuries. The problem is that all the victims are now dead. So they can say anything they want about the payments by trying to claim it was for emotional not health related issues. I can say from personal knowledge that this was a huge coverup of nearly 700 cases of leukemia that I know about from information I read from just one local oncologist. Clearly, there were a lot more but the courts allowed this power company to get away without any public knowledge of the true full cost of this accident on the lives of people in the Harrisburg area. You can also read about it on Wikipedia but the power company was quite adept at destroying any documented evidence of the damages to public health in mass cancer cases which were clearly due to radiation exposure. Leukemia and thyroid cancers are classic radiation cancers. You need to read the Nuclear coverup story on the link below.
3 Mile Island Nuclear Coverup Story
3 Mile island Radiation cancer

Japan Nuclear Accident

I was appalled at the plethora of bare faced lies and false statements which were being spread by these so-called nuclear experts, politicians and nuclear industry proponents... all of whom, have much to gain and everything to lose should the nuclear industry become shut down and the future and pending nuclear projects are cancelled due to the public reaction to the situation in Japan. So they ridiculed any expert who tried to warn the public. We are only now hearing about the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan who were severely exposed to radiation. Or the Bluefin Tuna caught off the coast of San Diego in Aug 2011 with extremely high levels of 2 different Caesium radiation products just 5 months after the accident in Japan.

Corporations, energy companies, financial institutions, utilities will always come before the population. Catastrophe numbers are always reduced for the benefit of business interests. The politicians work for the corporations, not the people.

Plutonium = it only takes one speck .5 microns of plutonium to be fatal if inhaled or ingested. Once it gets into your body, it will continue to destroy you from inside for the next 60 years (if you were to live that long). Once in the body it also produced americium as a byproduct (aka: Karen Silkwood). There is no safe amount. If it is in the air, then someone can inhale it or ingest it in their produce, grains, water, milk, beef, etc. The only way it can be found outside of the reactor vessel is if that vessel is breached. But also be aware that the cooling pool in reactor 3 holds the plutonium rod fuel from that same reactor... so those are two sources in the same building with the top blown off.  ANY steam or smoke will carry those plutonium particulates into the air and into the upper atmosphere where it will be carried around the globe. The sailors of the USS Ronald Reagan were exposed to radioactive snow which covered their deck and are now battling horrific cancers. 

Since it only takes one speck of plutonium to be fatal... that means the air and the crops anywhere in the world can be deadly. They found Cesium and Strontium in the air in the US from Nevada to Iceland just days after the accident. Just because they have not publicly announced the presence of plutonium, does not mean it is not there. If they say nothing... then they are telling no lies and the public believes they are safe. In the case of nuclear accidents... no news is NOT good news. Think of the public reaction on eating foods, drinking water, milk or even going to work and breathing the air. The government must keep the US industry and economy functioning... even at the risk of losing lives. The same applies to Japan and any other country affected. 

Additionally, plutonium swells up when in contact with water and self-ignites. Water causes plutonium to set on fire. It is usually handled dry and placed into dry casks... but the Japanese were spraying sea water on reactor number 3 for months to cool it down... as well as spraying the pools with the spent rods.  Plutonium tends to look like glowing embers because of the heat and self-igniting properties. If you see anything glowing... no matter how tiny... get the heck away from it. Radioactive materials also have a metallic taste.

Plutonium's half life is 24000 years... which means at least 50,000 years before it is safe. Some forms last for millions of years. Even in the body, it has a half life of 200 years before it is excreted... which means longer than any of us will live. It stores in the bones. In the lungs it will produce a substance called Americium.

Cesium (Caesium) half life is 30 years... which means more than 60 years before it is safe... (I've always wondered why they refer to things in "half lives" since that is only the half point of the danger from radiation. It also stores in the bones and causes Leukemia as it did from 3 mile island

Strontium is the iodide which has a half life of 8 days and stores in the thyroid... which is why they have people at risk of a large exposure take potassium iodide to keep it from storing inside the thyroid and causing thyroid cancer. It is not safe for about a month. Strontium can be found in milk from cows eating contaminated grass such as the west coast of the US after the Japan Reactor fallout.

HOWEVER, the half-life is not safe and does not start counting down until the reactor stops spewing the radioactive particulates into the air, water, etc. As long as new radiation is being expelled into the air, you remain at day one on the half-life. There is no way to sort out which specks were in the air last week or which were ejected today. Those reactors continue spewing until they are finally sealed. 

You must stop listening to TV doctors and air head media commentators. They do not know what they are saying... and yet they are sitting there on TV telling you how safe it is and how you will be perfectly fine and making jokes about anyone who has concerns. They have featured pediatricians and every kind of doctor imaginable except for one who would really know what they were talking about... we did not see one oncology radiologist in the entire bunch. We have these media doctors and anchors trying to make you feel like a fool if you are concerned about the radiation. Don't let these ignorant assholes make you feel guilty for being concerned. You should be concerned. Those who are at highest risk of cancer are children and pregnant women because small children are constantly undergoing cell growth and changes which can more easily be affected by radiation. That doesn't mean the rest of the population is safe. But, every child and pregnant woman should have left Japan the minute those reactor containment buildings exploded. 

Children 300 miles from Chernobyl were dying of thyroid cancer within 5 years of being exposed. Dying by the hundreds. I saw a documentary on this in the 80's which has since "disappeared" from existence. It showed the workers and firemen at Chernobyl within days of their horrendous exposure. Just like the Japanese workers, they were exposed to the lethal radiation without any proper radiation suits to protect them. They were in horrible conditions. Ghastly swellings and bleeding and deformities of their limbs from the radiation. They looked like they had been cooked alive in a microwave oven. If anyone saw the TV movie "Fat Man and Little boy" it showed the arm of a scientist who was exposed to radiation... this is what those poor guys at Chernobyl looked like from head to toe. We saw the actual victims on that documentary. It was quite gruesome. That same documentary also included all the children they examined with thyroid exposure and how they were finding them 300 miles away and should have been removed from the area. The world had so much to say against the Russians... yet Japan is doing much worse and allowing people to live within the area. They are also allowing the IAEA to turn their heads because the head is from Japan. The IAEA is simply a propaganda pro nuclear group whose only control function is related to weapons. They are worthless when it comes to reactors and power plants because they do not seem to care about health risks... unless it is their own. Everything is handled quietly and secretly to avoid global panic. Can't derail the nuclear plant construction projects. Especially those in the US.

Worst Nuclear Deceptions

Some of the worst lies I have heard on our TV Cable News Channels, include one idiot who said the plutonium would not become airborne because it was a heavy metal. I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my entire life... but there are people who are actually dumb enough to believe such an absurdity... including the air headed anchor who was interviewing him. Use your common sense. Plutonium did not get 40 miles from the nuclear plant by hitchhiking a ride. It comes in all sizes and forms... including small enough to only be seen under an electron microscope. Heavy metals can be in gaseous and liquid forms... and just as deadly. This is an element and can be as small as one atom and most certainly can easily be carried into the atmosphere by steam, smoke and explosions. Just because they have not reported finding Plutonium elsewhere... does not mean it is safe. It just means they either are not releasing the information to the public or they have not tested for it. Either way, you are not safe just because no one has mentioned it.

Another huge lie I heard from another "expert" on the news stated that the radioactive particulates would combine with the salt as it traveled over the ocean and would become an inert salt compound and rendered harmless in the ocean. If that was the case, all of the radioactivity would have been rendered harmless from all the sea water they have been spraying on the reactors. In fact, all that water sprayed on the hot reactors and spent fuel pools created a lot of radioactive steam which was spewing into the upper atmosphere where it then came down as fallout upon the rest of the globe. The more radioactive steam produced... the more which went up into the atmosphere for all of us to breath and ingest. Water also causes plutonium to catch on fire... so you also had smoke carrying these radioactive particulates into the atmosphere. There are very few things which spontaneously combine into compounds. Usually, it requires a catalyst or mechanical assistance such as heat, electricity, pressure or other methods to combine elements. However, if it was that easy to render radiation inert or harmless... they would  most certainly be employing those methods to neutralize the nuclear reactors in Japan. But that is not the case, which is why areas contaminated with Plutonium or cesium were cordoned off as dead zones for eons. This is also why spent nuclear fuels remain dangerous for decades or longer... depending on which elements they contain.

For weeks, I watched these TV doctors, air-head anchors, nuclear proponent "experts", politicians and guest physicians tell one lie after another about the "safety" of nuclear radiation and the particulates in the atmosphere. Not one of the doctors specialized in radiation. Sanjay is certainly no expert but day after day he came on the air to chastise the public about their fears and how they were in no danger... and was quite adamant that no one in Tokyo was in danger either... but every word he said turned into lies as the water and the food started turning up contaminated. When the public reacted negatively toward the contamination in the environment... the Japanese government and their utility withdrew their comments about the contamination in the food and water. There was even a pediatrician telling everyone how safe the radiation is. Not one doctor was an oncology radiologist. Not one doctor specialized in radiation sickness... yet these TV doctors stood there and berated the public as if they were global experts on the subject. 

The anchors were even worse than the TV doctors by declaring how safe the fallout is... when most of these anchors can't find their way out of a  tissue box. The public can tell how brainless they are by their constant gullibility and lack of knowledge about common things. They show their lack of intelligence every time they open their mouths. So to be chastising the public and telling them how safe it is to eat or drink or breathe the radioactive particulates.. they should be held accountable for these lies. I hope there is some backlash about this to make them think twice before having tirades about the safety of the public and criticizing them for their concerns. Additionally, was the constant criticism of the public for purchasing Potassium Iodide tablets... acting as if the public was taking the pills. Most of the public were buying these so they would have them when they need them. To wait until you need them to buy them is stupid because no one would be able to obtain them in time. They may never need the tablets... but it is better to have them and not need them... than to need them and not have them. The public should not have to tolerate being chastised by a TV doctor and some air-head who was couch-casted for the anchor job... and that applies to both genders. They seem to be totally oblivious to just how dumb and how poor their education really is. It is becoming painfully obvious that the college level educations of these younger generations currently under 40, is beneath that of a junior high school student from the generations, 50 and above. The ones in between are in a gray zone depending on the rate their educational system began to flounder. Lack of reading is their most serious flaw in their educational limitations.

As for the nuclear experts and politicians... they have everything to lose if the public turns against the nuclear industry. Their jobs and their pocketbooks depend on the nuclear industry and getting those new plants built. What is really interesting is while they are pushing for these new reactors, a uranium shortage is projected for 2020. Most of these reactors will be coming online in the heat of the uranium fuel shortage. It is a shame they aren't running out today.

Another huge lie is the one about not having enough geography for solar and wind power... and people are dumb enough to believe it. We have entire states and huge regions like Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, western Oklahoma, Western Kansas, Wyoming, the Dakotas, etc., which have billions of acres of open space for such power. In fact, if each homeowner put solar panels on their roof and tied into the grid, we would have power to spare and not need any fossil fuel or nuclear plants. The nuclear, oil and gas proponents have tried to convince people that wind doesn't blow at night, so we would have no power. Are people that dumb? They are also spreading lies about not being able to store solar and wind power. That is another lie. One small relay rack, 2 feet wide and 7 ft tall, and 1 ft deep installed in the garage, can more than handle the few batteries (about twice the size of a car battery) modularized rectifiers and inverter needed to handle the 24/7 power needs of a home. These are nearly maintenance free as long as you keep dust and debris off of them and make sure the connections are snug. It is not difficult to hire someone to check on it every 6 months just like you would do a checkup on your car. 

These coop power companies owned by the members could easily arrange for discounted solar or wind systems for their customers to buy and tie into the grid with excess power for those customers to buy which cannot install where they live. The entire country... planet could easily go green in a very short time. This is why the crooks are fighting so hard to convince the public it wouldn't work. Then the energy companies couldn't bleed us for money.

The gov't fears that the people will leave the area and stop going to their jobs and shut down the economy. The economy is more important than the safety of the public. The slow deaths of the public from cancers give the gov't plenty of time to plan for their replacement within the corporate world as they start becoming too ill to work. They are trading your life for their economic profits.

Living in a Contaminated Japan

If you live in Japan, I can only recommend to leave. It is not safe there. It will not be safe there for at least 50,000 years due to the plutonium contamination. There is no safe amount. They are lying about everything. They cannot take a chance on having the Japanese quitting their jobs and leaving the country. When the officials retract the readings and reports of contamination to keep the Japanese residents from abandoning their homes and jobs. This is not for your sake... it is for the personal gain of the crooks in charge. If you want to live, you need to move to another country entirely. It will never be safe to live in Japan again, despite any lies the government is telling in the attempt to salvage the Japanese economy by withholding the truth of the contamination. Every moment you remain there, is the chance of dying in less than 5 years... perhaps sooner. Do not eat the food or drink the water or milk. Every day you wait is one day too long. The land is no longer safe to inhabit. The lies are not for the benefit of the residents. These are for the benefit of the pockets of the government, businesses, corporations and utilities. They will hold off telling the public the truth as long as possible. They may never come clean... so, it is up to each person to take the initiative and find a new home. There is probably no better opportune time to apply for permanent residency in the country of your choice. After the triple whammy of Earthquakes, tsunami's and nuclear meltdown, most countries would likely expedite any requests for immigration.

Reducing Radioactive Fallout Exposure
Realizing that most people cannot afford or obtain access to radiation suits, respirators or other protective gear, all we can do is the find ways to minimize our exposure which will be described below. This is for those of us living in the US. 

Here are some suggestions on reducing your interaction with radioactive particulates if you cannot afford or obtain proper protective nuclear gear.

Cover your skin, eyes and breathing to avoid any contact with radioactive particulates. Wear an outer shirt with long sleeves and a hat which can be removed as soon as you come in the door. Covering your skin will help protect from Alpha but will also help keep the dust from your skin. Wear glasses or sun glasses to keep it out of your eyes. Wash your hands, face, skin and glasses when you come into the house and vacuum or dust roller your hat. 

Take your shoes off at the door. Remove your clothes at the door and put them directly into the washer. Keep your hands and exposed skin washed. Keep any wounds covered with fresh bandages.

It is best to take a shower to get particles off of your skin and from your hair. Keep the carpets vacuumed and the surfaces of the house clean. Change the filters in the heater-air conditioners often with hepa filters. Keep the doors and windows closed. Make all house members follow the same regime. Don't have pets running in and out. Wipe them down and bathe them. Don't bring plants in and out of the house.

Avoid dairy products until 40 days after the reactors have been completely sealed. Avoid produce and grains unless it was canned or frozen before the nuclear event or 2 years after the reactors are sealed. Especially important for things like Spinach, banana's, Coconuts... which can be radioactive for years due to the high potassium levels which is usually radioactive if in an area where nuclear events occurred.

Again, check the dates the food was processed. 

When mowing or working outside, wear at least a dust mask of the tightest micron filtering available. Wear goggles or some kind of glasses and a hat. Also, buy the disposable paper suits which are about $5.50 each online. Then you can take it off, seal it in a trash bag and throw it away before coming into the house. You can also get disposable shoe covers. Don't smoke or anything that would cause inhalation of radioactive particulates. It would be best not to have a mustache or beard to catch the dust. Also wear gloves outside. Be sure to wash and shower thoroughly when coming into the house from outside to reduce the amount you bring into the house.

The car is another problem. I'm not sure what to do except to cut off outside air vents but not if you have any kind of exhaust leak which would also be fatal if it is getting into the vehicle. You can wear a dust mask if you wish... but be sure to use a new one each time.

Just remember.... lack of public notification does not mean you are safe. These are the same government groups which conducted experiments with radiation and bacteria on the public without their knowledge or consent... so remember who you are dealing with when believing their propaganda. They raise the exposure levels and change the meter readings as is convenient to maintain the economy and public calm. Also keep in mind that the TV doctors and anchors have no qualifications in advising whether the radiation levels are safe or not. They cannot even get the data correct when reporting it.

2011 Geiger counter readings

In Texas, the readings on Mar 26, 2011 while it was misting rain at the time... the rain and wet surfaces were in the .025 mR/Hr (millirads per hour) range. Using the count range... (clicks) for the laymen... There was no free radiation in the air that day, none on surfaces under a covered porch... but 1 click per second on the wet surfaces and the grass and soil were about 3 clicks were second. None inside the house at that time. 

I took these readings on two different Geiger counters. One was a professional Pan head Victoreen used by the nuclear power industry. In fact, most of the nuclear medicine and power plants have cheaper versions than the model I have. The other is a new digital model which is light weight and easier to carry to the story in your purse or large pocket. 

However, 3 days later Tues, March 29, 2011 which was also raining that day... were three times higher. In the .075 mR/Hr range for the rain and wet surfaces. However, the soil was .150 mR/Hr. About 10 clicks per second. The rain and wet surfaces were about 3 clicks per second. There was free radiation in the air... about 3 clicks. It was also in the tap water and inside the house about 1 click. The covered porch now had about 3 clicks and the shoes were about 10 clicks with just as high readings on the floor and carpet where the shoes had walked.

While these are not high readings... keep in mind that it only takes one speck of plutonium to be fatal inhaled or ingested. There is no safe level of plutonium. Problem is that I have no way to test which radiation was being read, but all of these are gamma... which every bit counts.

The bad part is that it is collecting in the crops, milk, water, air and soil... in 3 days, the levels had tripled.

Public Contamination Overview 

Those of you who were not raised during the cold war era are being led down the garden path by politicians and so-called "Experts" who are proponents of the nuclear industry and  rely on it for jobs, consulting positions, Fellowships, university positions, profit or pensions. They either don't dare speak against the industry and bite the hand that feeds it... or they will lie and walk all over anyone that threatens to diminish the nuclear industry for which their fortunes are tied. So they have been spewing a barrage of lies at the public through the media.

Those few experts who wish to tell the truth have either been silenced by the media, contractual obligations and prevented from the opportunity to speak out. Those of us who were born and raised during the cold war, were raised on the hazards of the nuclear industry. Most of us know they are lying about the accident in Japan... but don't realize the extent of the lies currently being spoonfed to the public. They also don't realize the extent of the other 2 accidents... or the many accidents they never heard about.

We also hear about the 104 reactors in the US. However, those are only the commercial reactors for public utilities on the power grid. These don't begin to include all of the private reactors and those belonging to corporations, military, universities, DOD contractors, private labs and US gov't. No one is watching those reactors for the sake of the public... nor are any accidents or leaks revealed to the public. Who is going to notify the public that a dangerous accident has occurred with a classified weapon at a weapons plant? The incidents are just cloaked under the secrecy of classified secrets. The public left to suffer the consequences of their unknown exposure to things they know nothing about.

There are also many incidents of deliberate contamination and experiments conducted on unsuspecting US Citizens as well as citizens of other countries (such as Canada and Great Britain) without their knowledge or consent. For those young punks who think they know better than their elders and pooh-pooh the validity due to their ignorance, arrogance and government programmed mindset... these incidents are disclosed in hundreds of official US Government documents and are found in the US Gov't archives and Congressional Libraries in Washington DC. (However, it requires having adequate IQ levels to read and comprehend the documents.) 

These incidents were investigated by US Presidents such as Presidents Ford & Clinton and many such illegal, secret experiments were found to have been conducted by the CIA, AEC, FBI, US Army and other government entities. Some of these incidents were taken to court and the CIA was found guilty in their complicity. President Ford ordered monetary reparations to be paid to at least one family who had been victimized.

There was no limit to how low these agencies were willing to go. While we've all seen the documentaries on how our military troops were exposed to radiation at nuclear tests in the 40's & 50's... less people know about the secret injections of plutonium into unsuspecting hospital patients, or the biochemicals sprayed over an elementary school (I think that was in IL or MN); or the bacteria sprayed in a NY subway and a shopping center on the west coast. Or the US soldiers who were exposed to sarin in Great Britain (with the FBI involved) while being told they were volunteering to try a potential cure for the common cold... sure, it would kill the cold by killing the volunteer. One of the FBI observers was the same agent who was later subjected to high levels of LSD and shoved out a hotel room window to his death (because they were afraid he would blow the whistle on them for the Sarin experiment on the soldiers.) These vile criminals got away with their crimes until the family went to President Ford and he ordered a full investigation... then made the details public. 

Yes. Our own government is just that corrupt and worse. With this latest catastrophe in Japan, you can be sure that their only concern is the economy and profits and the stock markets and banking system. They will sacrifice the health of billions to protect the global markets. The public must be kept calm and must not change their purchasing habits nor work habits... despite the risk to their health. The public will be given whatever false data necessary to make them believe the food, water and environment are safe. In fact, there are such severe water and food shortages projected for 2020 that the extra deaths from nuclear fallout will actually help the economy.... and try to prove that family members death was tied to the nuclear accident in Japan. They will make you think that you are the only one making such a claim and no one else was affected (you will never know about the thousands of others. That data will never be gathered or revealed... just like the hundreds of leukemia deaths from 3 mile island).


I took the readings above on two different Geiger counters. One was a professional Pan head Victoreen used by the nuclear power industry. In fact, most of the nuclear medicine and power plants have cheaper versions than the model I have. The other is a new digital model which is light weight and easier to carry to the story in your purse or large pocket. 

My uncle was a nuclear scientist who was killed in his work. I very nearly became a nuclear physicist. A childhood dream borne from the cold war propaganda we were being fed in school. Especially those who attended schools on military bases. From kindergarten through HS during the 50's and 60's, we were taught to love nuclear energy. It was our friend. They even showed us our Disney cartoon characters teaching us all about nuclear energy and how not to fear the threat of nuclear war. Their propaganda was quite effective. 

From the 1st grade, I was quite determined to be a nuclear physicist. I didn't know about my uncle at the time, but I am told I was just like him. When I began High School, my father realized I really meant what I had said all those years about being a nuclear physicist. He became hysterical, telling me how he was not going to let me end up dead like his brother. He threatened to block me from obtaining the security clearances necessary to work in the industry before he would allow me to pursue this profession. He could have made good on his threat since he worked in intelligence. That didn't deter me. What did deter me was when I found out that the job of a nuclear physicist was basically doing mathematical calculations every work day for the rest of your life. I was an honor student with straight A's, but math bored me to death, even though I had excellent grades. So about 2/3rds through the higher math courses, I decided that I did not want to spent the next 30 years of my life being a nuclear physicist working on math day in and day out. So I became an electrical engineer which I loved. I have several family members in the nuclear & intelligence industry. There are ships sitting in shipyards for decades until the levels become low enough to remove their nuclear reactors. Some which have been there for 30 years, can't be touched until 2036. Meanwhile, all that radiation is really going unwatched. Even those decommissioned nuke power plants have spent fuel rod pools filled with spent uranium fuel rods. So while people feel safe about the decommissioned plant, it still poses a threat to their welfare should an earthquake or tornado or accident occur.

I had spent so many years researching nuclear systems, that I know a lot more about it than I would like. It is so easy for a nuclear plant to lose the generators which cycle the water to cool the reactors. A simple flood, tornado, tsunami, hurricane... even a power loss can disable these generators, allowing the reactor and the cooling pools to overheat. The spent nuclear fuel rods are another nightmare. They keep them in huge cooling pools inside the plant. If the reactor overheats, it produces hydrogen gas which collects in the containment building. They either have to release the contaminated gas (3 mile island) or it will blow off the top of the reactor containment buildings (Japan Fukushima). Then they have to spray water to cool it to prevent a Chernobyl. Even worse is the fact that they are allowing plutonium fuel rods to be used instead of uranium. One of the 3 damaged reactors in Japan used plutonium. The problem is that plutonium self ignites with water. They had to spray water to cool the reactors and spent fuel rod pools, but that made the plutonium burn. So now you have radioactive smoke and steam spewing into the upper atmosphere and tons of radioactive water pouring into the ocean. I could not believe my ears when I heard them claim no radioactive water leaked into the ocean. I saw it pouring into the sea with my own eyes while they were spraying fire hoses on the reactors for months.

I know a lot more than I wish I did. I am grateful that I never got a job in the nuclear industry. The very thought of it is enough to give me nightmares. The government has continued to cover up the 3 mile island event. I know how it gave hundreds, probably thousands of people cancer. Yet it was all covered up and silenced by payoffs and threats. Most are all dead now. Japan has had an even worse disaster. But our country is trying to make fun of anyone who expresses concerns because they are preparing to construct over 2 dozen more nuclear plants and don't want anything or anyone to rock the boat. I would not be surprised to see the Disney cartoons being shown in schools again to teach our children to love nuclear energy. It certainly worked on me until I regained my senses. The very thought of working or living near a nuclear plant just gives me the creeps. If you want to have some real nightmares, you should read about the LANL employee "accidents" with nuclear products. I guarantee that will cure you of the pro nuclear propaganda. Also watch the movie Silkwood. It is a true story. The nuclear industry plays dirty and deadly. They are crazed with profit and power and will do anything to get their hands on those subsidies which shouldn't be offered in the first place. You need to get together and stop the construction of these new plants like they did in California... 

Here is a PDF document about plutonium workers accidents over 27 years. It is about 2.5 mb in size to download. It will definitely give you nightmares. PU workers accidents



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