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The first major axis shift occurred on Dec 2004 which caused a catastrophic Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people from Africa to Indonesia.

A second axis shift occurred in Dec 2006 which misaligned the GPS satellite network Scientist blamed the GPS Failure on a Phony Solar Flare; four months after the incident. Making the announcement a week after the meeting of world scientists to ensure their complicity with the lie. This site provides proof no such solar flare ever occurred.

Numerous other shifts have occurred since 2006; such as 2011, 2013 & 2014. A total shift of aprox 2000 miles.

Global GPS Failure

On Dec 6th, 2006 the world GPS system failed and it was blamed on a supposed solar flare of historic levels which NOAA claims occurred Dec 5, 2006 10:18-10:45 UTC. However, this information was not made public until April 2007. Normally, something this big would be a major news story, but the 4 months of silence was more than revealing. The news networks, military, phone companies, wireless and interactive street mapping products all depend on GPS, so it was not a secret to  any of them. But for 5 months, not a word was mentioned about this "historic" solar flare.

If such a monumental solar flare event had actually occurred, NASA would have been on every news network taking credit for their discovery. Yet they waited until April 2007 at the conclusion of a convention of scientists, to announce this solar flare.  There is only one reason NASA did not come forward for 5 months... and that would be if they were covering up something and using those 5 months to build a cover story and persuade the global scientists to back them up on it... thus is why this announcement was made following that convention and not any sooner. They also used that time to upload software patches to the GPS satellites to correct the shift variance and remove any of the solar data which would have revealed this cover story to be false.

How do they explain the fact that almost all data and images of this false historical event between Dec 4 and 6, 2006 are all missing?

Why would our government & space agencies lie about a solar flare and delete images & records? Because something else knocked down the GPS system. Something that would have incited panic among the general population.

What else could screw up the GPS system? A shift of the earth's axis. We can see evidence that the axis has shifted which can be seen on the weather satellite loops occurring on Dec 6, 2006 at 19:00 Zulu time and another frame on Dec 4, 2006 at 12:30 Zulu. How could the axis shift without causing a global catastrophe? People forget that the earth rotates about 1000 miles every hour. You cannot feel the earths rotation despite the fact that it rotates 25,000 miles per day. It is the same principle for an axial shift or wobble. You would not be able to feel it.

The most telling evidence that this solar flare never happened on Dec 5 & 6, 2006, is the conspicuous absence of solar data from the very organizations who monitor the sun, solar storms and any disturbances which could affect the earth. By going through the SOHO (NASA & ESA) images and charts, you will find that almost all images and chart data are missing for 12/5/06 and 12/6/06. You would think that they would be showcasing the largest solar flare in recorded history? But not only are all of the images and monitoring data missing, but the event is not even recorded on their webpage which showcases the largest flares ever known. 

But they screwed up and missed some of the data and a few images they forgot to eradicate. Interestingly, as you may already suspect, the images and data they forgot to remove show a perfectly normal sun and typical levels of magnetic fields, protons, neutrons, x-rays, RF and other monitored levels which you can see for yourselves by checking out the links by clicking on this>>>> false solar flare evidence page.

Links showing the false cover story and GPS failure.
NOAA Release:

GPS significantly impacted by powerful solar radio burst


GPS System Failure caused by Solar Flare in Dec 2006.

Note: This claims it was the first major solar event since 2000, but Nasa now claims there was an X17 solar  event in Sep 2005. UMD claims there was another major solar event in Jan 2006. 

July 19, 2007

Nokia offers assistance for unresponsive GPS phones

The original article has been altered. It originally stated the GPS failures were due to the solar flare  (a cover story to explain the GPS misalignment failures caused by the axis shift). However, you can still discern from the article that the GPS was clearly misaligned & producing erroneous location data until a software patch could be uploaded to correct for the new alignment.  When the earths axis shifted, the satellites did not shift with it. This article helps substantiate the GPS misalignment by the erroneous data it was sending.



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