Flooding & Polar meltdown



Flooding is already occurring globally from the increased moisture in the air creating heavier rains, storms and snow. Sea levels are already rising but you don't hear a lot about it. 

  • Once all the ice has melted on both polar regions, we can expect a 297 ft rise in sea levels. This is equivalent to 20 stories. 
  • This will be a progressive rise over months and the next few years which will get worse and worse as it encroaches. 
  • Florida, for example, is mostly right at sea level. It wont take a lot to flood the entire state. 
  • Greenland's glacier alone will cause the sea levels to rise 27 - 29 feet once it melts. Just that will inundate


If we use the current estimate of a 297 ft total rise in sea levels once the total polar meltdown has occurred, we should expect that this flooding will not wait until the last cube of ice has melted before it begins to raise the sea levels enough to start flooding the coastlines. Just the ice cover on Greenland alone is estimated to be capable of raising the sea levels by 27-29 ft. So we should expect to see a gradual elevation of sea levels in addition to increasingly bizarre global weather changes occurring right now. Start paying closer attention to global weather and sea levels and reports of polar melting. Don't let others do the thinking for you. Look it up yourself. I have provided many links to this information which you can check directly from the source agencies from time to time. Be informed. This will happen in most of our lifetimes. This is not my opinion, but the opinion of world scientists who are not under the thumb of the US gov't & US corporate interests. Why do you think our gov't was willing to go to any lengths to gain control of the world's oil?

If you don't live on the coast and think you will not be affected by the flooding... just imagine tens of millions of people flooded and displaced on our coastlines becoming a wave of refugees looking for food, shelter and not getting any help from the gov't. The gov't and military don't care. They already have all of their shelters and provisions packed and waiting in the miles and miles of underground tunnels and facilities built by your tax dollars. They'll just hide their shadow gov't underground at our expense while hundreds of millions of refugees around the world become desperate for the most basic of essentials and begin seeking those needs in areas which were unaffected.

We need to be informed so we can understand how important it is to start planning to survive in the next few years. You can't bury your head in the sand on this and say you don't live near the coast... you are in for a huge surprise. Those who do live on the coastal areas will start heading inland when they lose their homes and instead of planning in advance, the millions of displaced people will become hordes of refugees using violence to take what they want from those citizens living inland. It will be total anarchy on such an enormous scale that no amount of troops will be enough to suppress their attacks. Home owners will be forced to battle deadly gangs of marauding refugees to protect their families, homes and supplies. Perhaps we should point these hordes toward the estates of those crooked CEO's and crooked government officials who allowed those companies to pollute this planet.

It is no longer the problem of future generations. The shift in climate is happening at an exorbitant rate and it is too late to stop it. Nothing can be done to help us now. Our governments, factories, oil & coal companies and car manufacturers screwed us all for the almighty dollar. They destroyed our planet beyond repair and now we are going to suffer the consequences. Our governments will not help us. We are on our own. So don't wait for a bail out at the last minute because you will end up like Katrina.



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