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After looking at the Global weather disasters, you will wonder why you never heard about most of these on the news. But it will become clear that the public has not been told about a lot of things. 

Take a look at the weather patterns and see if it does not substantiate a significant change in weather conditions has been taking place which supports the axis shift scenario. An increase in the axial tilt would cause hotter than normal summers and colder than normal winters. (heat waves in the NE and NW US). 

Accelerated melting of polar ice caps would cause higher humidity and increased levels of precipitation: heavy rains, floods, larger hail, increased snow, blizzards and increased fog. 

An increase in the tilt would also bring tropical weather farther north. (Texas, normally dry and hot 112F+ each summer, has been experiencing tropical humidity and tropical 80-90 degree summers since 2007 and heavy rains & flooding through July.) 

Along with bringing the tropical weather farther north, it would affect the weather patterns which create hurricanes and tornadoes. (Tornadic activity has been seen in regions and countries where tornadoes were previously unknown.)  

Warming of the arctic current which normally cools the entire Pacific coast of the US, would cause temperatures in states like CA, OR & WA to soar and reduce the rain patterns as well which were produced as the air over the icy cold Pacific arctic currents came into contact with the warmer land of the coastline. Thus, warmer arctic current would not create such an interaction of the air with the warmer land and droughts would incur as well as warmer temperatures. (Heat waves permeated the west coast in 2008. The governor of CA spoke of declaring a federal disaster due to the drought in Feb 2009. San Francisco which almost never exceeds 69 degrees even in the hottest summers, have had temperatures in the mid 80's in the spring of 2009. Few people on California's northern coast had air conditioners in their homes in the 1980's. I suspect that has changed now.)



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