Bizarre Global Weather Patterns




This is just a small example of the global extent of the catastrophic weather for 2009. This list does not include wildfires, dust storms or other events not directly tied to weather. Although many fires are caused by lightning, for our purposes, we are just looking at weather conditions. I did not complete this page but you can see the pattern is similar to previous post axis shift years.

Severe US Weather 2009

01-02-09 NH Severe Winter Storm 01-05-09 MA Severe  winter storm, flooding 01-05-09 HI Severe storms, flooding 01-09-09 ME Severe winter storm, flooding
01-14-09 VT Severe winter storm 01-30-09 WA severe winter storm, landslides, flooding 02-05-09 KY Severe winter storm, flooding 02-06-09 AR Severe winter storm
02-15-09 OK Severe storms, tornadoes 02-17-09 TN Severe winter storms, flooding 02-17-09 MO Severe winter storms 02-17-09 OK Severe winter storm
03-02-09 OR Severe winter storms, record snow, landslides 03-02-09 WA Severe winter storms, record snow 03-02-09 IL Severe winter storm 03-04-09 NY severe winter storm



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