Bizarre Global Weather Patterns




How many of these Global weather disasters did you know about?

This is just a small example of the global extent of the catastrophic weather in 2007. Due to the extensive amount of research involved, I have only selected a couple years to use as examples. But you can research these as easily as I have. Multiple, ongoing catastrophic global flooding, Tornados in bizarre locations, heat waves, freak snowstorms.... you name it. Some links may not be working due to the timeline.

Severe US Weather 2007

Severe International Weather 2007

SE & SW US Drought May 07 Central US flooding April - July 07 KS, MO, IA, NE, OK, SD flooding 5-6-07 So CA wildfires July 4 thru Aug 07 2007 Tornadoes across the world where never seen before: Mexico, Chad, S Africa, Romania, Viet Nam, China, Philippines, UK, Germany, Columbia, Poland, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Brooklyn plus rare winter tornadoes in several states.
TX flooding 3-11-07 TX Floods 6-28-07 ID & MT wildfires July thru Aug 07 MN Flooding 3-14-07 Sudan floods 7-7-07 thru Aug 07 Japan Typhoon Aug 07 Japan Typhoon July 07 Japan Super Typhoon Sept 07
MT hail 6-16-07 NY, NJ, CT, NH, PA, ME, WV flooding  4-15-07 Austin TX Floods 7-22-07 WI tornadoes 6-7-07 Taiwan & Philippines Typhoon, flooding 8-17-07  South Africa severe flooding Aug 07 Greece wildfires Aug 2007 Sicily brush fires Aug 2007
TX, KS, OK flooding 5-24-07 TX flooding July 2007 US, Canada record cold freeze & ice storm 1-13-07 India, Bengal, Pakistan Rare Arabian sea cyclone #2 & Flooding 6-25-07 Africa, Arabia & Yemen Locust swarms Mar thru May 07 Central Africa wildfires Aug 07
Little Rock, AR record low 4-8-07 GA, SC, AL, FL drought May 2007 KS & MO flooding June & July 2007 CA, NV, UT drought Mar-Apr 2007 Brazil Amazon fires Aug 07 Canary Islands forest fires July 07 Algeria forest fires Aug 2007 South Africa drought Jan thru Mar 07
West US record heat wave 2007 WY, MN drought May 2007 Denver, CO record cold, record heat in two days 60 degree swing 6-8-07 Russia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, South Asia, Bangladesh record heat 2007 Southern Europe heatwave & forest fires July thru Aug 31, 07
IN, AR, OH, MO, TX flooding 1-15-07 West US, NV, CA triple digit heat 7-6-07 ME & NH Floods 7-07 Tulsa, OK floods 7-22-07 Australia NSW flooding 6-8-07 Australia drought Apr-May 2007 Mozambique flooding 3-1-07 Madagascar flooding 2-8-07
AR flooding 7-21-07 MT UT, NV, ID, WA Heat Wave 7-6-07 TX Floods 7-6-07 MT, UT, NV, ID Heat Wave 7-7-07 Argentina Rare snow 7-9-07 Vanuatu volcanic plume 5-3-07 Jakarta flooding 2-14-07 Rwanda flooding 2-2-07
OK floods 7-10-07 TX Floods 7-22-07 NY flooding 4-16-07 KS flooding April-July 07 India severe flooding & monsoons July & Aug 07 Romania, Bulgaria drought 2007 China flooding 7-14-07 Peru flooding 1-21-07
FEMA Disasters Declarations 2007 UK & Ireland widespread flooding June-July 2007 Java volcanic plume 5-3-07 Afghanistan flooding 7-16-07 Malawi, Zambia flooding 1-20-07
MO flooding 6-11-07 AL tornadoes 3-3-07 ND flooding 7-17-07 OK flooding & tornadoes 7-7-07 China torrential rains, flooding & landslides June 4-11 2007 Southern Africa drought Jan-Mar 2007 NZ flooding 7-10-07 Angola flooding 1-17-07
OK flooding & tornadoes 6-7-07 GA tornadoes 3-3-07 IA severe winter storms 3-14-07 ME flooding 4-20-07 Oman, Iran flooding & Rare Arabian sea cyclone #1    6-7-07 Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Kenya flooding May 2007 Ethiopia flooding 7-6-07 Malaysia flooding 1-11-07
NE flooding & tornadoes 6-6-07 LA tornadoes 2-23-07 TX flooding & tornadoes 6-29-07 NY flooding 7-2-07 Central China flooding 7-16-07 Russia central & western heat wave May 2007 Japan flooding 7-4-07 Philippines flooding 1-10-07
IA flooding & tornadoes 5-25-07 PA flooding 2-23-07 CA Freeze 3-13-07 NM tornadoes 4-2-07 Sudan flooding 7-18-07 India heat wave May 2007 Vietnam Flooding 6-30-07 Burundi, Tanzania flooding 1-1-07
RI coastal flooding 5-25-07 OR flooding 2-22-07 KS flooding 7-2-07 WA severe winter storm, land & mudslides 2-14-07 Myanmar Burma monsoon & flooding June-July 2007 China drought Mar-July 2007  Solomon Islands 6-24-07 Mozambique,  Malawi flooding 1-3-07
KY flooding, mud & rockslides 5-25-07 FL tornadoes & flooding 2-8-07 MA coastal flooding 5-16-07 CT flooding 5-11-07 India Bengal monsoon & flooding July 16 2007 South Africa cold wave May 2007 Costa Rica flooding 6-18-07 Brazil flooding 1-1-07
SD flooding & tornadoes 5-22-07 IL severe winter storm 2-9-07 FL tornadoes 2-3-07 KS flooding & tornadoes 5-6-07 Australia flooding 6-30-2007 Argentina cold wave May 2007 Romania flooding 6-15-07 UK flooding 7-21-07
OK severe winter storm 2-1-07 VT flooding 5-4-07 MO severe winter storms & flooding 1-15-07 KS severe winter storms 1-7-07 Siberia flooding 6-20-2007 Jakarta flooding 2-9-07 Nepal flooding, monsoon 6-15-07 Tajikistan flooding 7-22-07
TX tornadoes 5-1-07 IN snow 3-13-07 IA Snow 3-30-07 CO Snow 1-7-07 Bangladesh flooding & monsoon 6-20-07 BC Canada flooding 6-8-07 Switzerland flooding 6-9-07 Yemen flooding 3-23-07
NY snow 2-23-07 WV flooding, land & rockslides  5-1-07 NE severe winter storms 1-7-07 Micronesia Drought 7-31-07 Indonesia Volcanic eruption 7-9-07 Sri Lanka Floods & landslides Jan 2007    El Salvador flood, cyclone 5-30-07 Fiji flooding 3-29-07
OK winter storms & flooding 1-15-07 NH flooding 4-27-07

ME coastal flooding 4-25-07

NY coastal flooding 4-24-07 Russia Volcanic plume 7-9-07 China flooding 6-17-07 Dominican Rep, Haiti flooding 5-30-07 Honduras flooding 3-6-07
NJ coastal flooding 4-26-07 TX Hurricane Dean 8-18-07 NY storms, Flooding, Tornadoes 8-31-07 ME storms, Flooding 8-8-07 New Guinea volcanic plume 6-28-07 Nottingham UK Flooding June & July 07 Turkey flooding 5-27-07 New Zealand flooding 3-29-07
NE storms, Flooding 7-24-07 OK storms, Flooding, Tornadoes 8-24-07 VT storms, Flooding 8-3-07 NE storms, Flooding 8-29-07 Russia Volcanic plume 7-1-07 Japan Typhoon & flooding 7-15-07 Cuba flooding 5-26-07 Spain flooding 4-3-07
OH storms, Flooding, Tornadoes 8-27-07

MN storms, Flooding 8-23-07 

WI storms, Flooding, Tornadoes 8-26-07 IL storms, Flooding 8-30-07 Nyiragongo Africa volcanic plume 6-10-07 New Zealand floods 7-15-07 France flooding 5-25-07 Canada flooding 4-10-07
OK storms, Flooding, Tornadoes 8-31-07 MO Severe Winter Storms 12-27-07 OK Severe Winter Storms 12-18-07 WA Severe Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides 12-08-07 New Guinea volcanic plume 6-17-07 NZ Floods 7-21-07 Bulgaria flooding 5-22-07 Algeria flooding 4-13-07
OR Severe Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides 12-08-07 IN Severe Storms and Flooding 11-30-07 TX Tropical Storm Erin 10-02-07

IL Severe Storms and Flooding 9-25-07

Russian volcanic plume 6-3-07 Bolivia flooding 01-07 Spain flooding 5-23-07 Thailand flooding 4-14-07
MO Severe Storms and Flooding 9-21-07  IA Severe Storms and Flooding 9-14-07 ND Severe Storms and a Tornado 9-07-07 ND Severe Storms and Tornadoes 9-07-07 Russia 2 volcanoes erupted simultaneously 4-26-07 Europe Heat Wave 7-21-07 Israel flooding 5-12-07 Tajikistan flooding 4-16-07
NY Severe Storms, Flooding, and Tornado 8-31-07 KS Severe Winter Storms 12-12-07     West Africa Ivory Coast drought Mar-Apr 3007 Humber UK flooding 6-7-07 Thailand flooding 5-11-07 Peru record cold 7-16-07
        Kyrgyzstan flooding 4-17-07 Morocco, Kenya flooding 4-21-07 Syria flooding 4-29-07 Australia record cold 7-19-07

Between April 2007 to July 2007, the mid-US region was under siege from a bizarre weather pattern. An enormous storm, resembling a landlocked hurricane was spinning in a counterclockwise, nearly stationary pattern over  Texas, Oklahoma & Kansas. It was not a normal storm. It was a tropical storm. Like blades of a fan, this tropical, land hurricane was spinning above this area every day for 3 months hitting the same region with bands of torrential rains and flooding on a daily basis. 

As is typical of tropical weather, it rained ever day at the same time (around 4 pm) in northern Texas for more than 3 months with only 3 dry days between April and the and of June 2007. This series of tropical storms was not natural for this area.

To understand why this was more than a stalled storm, you need to know the historical weather characteristics of this region. Texas is a hot, dry state. Late May to Late September, the weather is typically from the high 90's to 120 degrees Fahrenheit on a daily basis. Most of the rain occurs between March and May with a few sprinkles in June. These tend to be fairly volatile thunderstorms with hail and lightening caused from a cold air sweeping into Texas from the bottom of the Rocky mountains which builds into huge thunderheads at the point where the cold front encounters the warm Gulf high pressure system. July through late September is usually bone dry and above 110 degrees F and the humidity levels are around 47 to 57%. 

To further substantiate this massive, immediate global weather change, the UK government created a website for the drastic flooding, droughts, heat waves and even tornados never seen there before. The UK is addressing this as an immediate emergency which will be an increasing permanent climate change which will result in deaths and devastation. Oddly enough, this PDF file report also includes immediate dangers for the US cities and the task forces which are assigned to each city and current projects across the US which are addressing this problem. Isn't it nice that the US citizens have to get their info from the British?




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