Axis Shift Satellite Images



Satellite Loops & Satellite still image

The first major axis shift occurred on Dec 2004 creating a tsunami which killed over a quarter million people. 

The second major axis shift occurred on Dec 2006 which caused the global GPS system to misalign. This was covered up 4 months later by claiming it was a solar flare which I have evidence to prove never occurred.

This is a satellite image which shows an actual shift of the planet in Dec 2006. 

Watch the upper right corner of the satellite loop below. At 19:15 06 Dec 06 you will see the earth shift. You will also see another shift at 12:30 on Dec 04, 2006. In addition to the animations, still images have also been added to capture the moments.

If you are thinking it was just a simple glitch that caused the earth to jump off the template frame, you should also wonder why NASA & NOAA declared a historic solar flare trashed the entire GPS satellite system but all of the images of the sun have been deleted from the NASA, ESA & SOHO files. 

From the evidence so far, it appears the change to the earth's axis occurred in more than one smaller axis shift rather than all at once. The most significant shifts being in Dec 2004 & 2006 as well as 2011, 2013 and 2014. It was in 2006 when the GPS system failed across the globe. They now have a software patch to adjust for the variance of the GPS system readouts so the satellites will "appear" to be in their normal position. A simple mathematical correction to adjust for the variance in position.

The animated weather satellite loop and still image below show the change of position of the earth on Dec 6, 2005 at 19:15Z. Be sure to watch the upper right corner of the animation to see the earth shift. 

These are the satellite images for Dec 4th 2006 when the shift occurred at 12:30 zulu. Watch the upper right corner of the animation. The still image of that shift is below the weather loop.



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