Axis Shift Global Disruptions



Note: These items were listed 11 years ago. I only updated the shift distance. Note the warnings I made about weather changes. I had also warned about severe record breaking blizzards and cold in June 2014 when I saw the additional increase in axis shift... which has all since come true. 

  • Bizarre Global weather, flooding, blizzards

  • Record breaking temperatures & snowfall

  • Spiral weather patterns over continental US similar to tropical storm formations

  • Spiral weather spin causing weekly temperature shifts

  • Spiral weather wheel; scooping north & south alternating cold/hot patterns

  • Melting ice & evaporation causing increased humidity and precipitation

  • Increased axis angle causing hotter summers and colder winters

  • Ice Storms, blizzards and record breaking snow globally during winter months.

  • Record heat waves and record cold waves worldwide.

  • Sun now rising and setting on June 21st north of US.

  • Sun is now about 860 miles farther north in Summer & the inverse in Winter

  • The axis angle reverted to the 2006 position in 2015

  • Increased volcanic activity

  • Simultaneous eruptions and thermal plumes

  • Earthquake totals more than double expected rate of increase

  • 2004 Axis shift Tsunami killed up to 280,000

  • 2011 Axis shift Tsunami devastated Japan.

  • Tree leaves changing to autumn colors in May and June

  • Axis shift caused loss of entire GPS satellite system in Dec 2006 (blamed on flare)

  • Satellite weather image of Earth on Dec 6, 2006 at 19:15 Zulu showing earth shifting

  • Satellite weather image of Earth on Dec 4, 2006 at 12:30 Zulu showing earth shifting

  • Satellite loops showing bizarre weather patterns over US between April & July 2007

  • Satellite & statistical weather comparisons between 2001 and 2007

  • Geomagnetic (Ion) storms, solar radiation and solar imaging

  • Solar magnetic storm sheered earth's outer atmosphere, Oct 1998 (per NASA)

  • Ion fountains & solar winds at earth's poles Jan 1999 (per NASA)




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