Asteroid 2002 AA 29 has been encircling Earth for 100+ years




  • I obtained this animation of Asteroid 2002 AA29 from NASA's near earth object website. I had no idea we had something so dangerous squeezing into our orbit. If you have any knowledge of orbits and gravity you would know that this type of orbit will become faster and faster as well as tighter and tighter around the earth until it impacts us. 
  • This particular Asteroid is supposedly long gone and no longer a risk since 2003. However, I have a very hard time buying NASA's explanation that after the asteroid approached earth, it did a 180 and reversed its course back the way it came. They called it a  horseshoe orbit. I call it a BS explanation.
  • Interestingly, NASA also stopped making any reports about this asteroid after 2005. I don't think we are in any immediate danger but this asteroid's close approach in 2003 might have been the catalyst to causing our axis slippage. The initial cause which started the first axis shift. However, at some point we may be further endangered by this asteroid. But without better data on where it currently is located; whether it is still orbiting us; or how big it is, I cannot begin to speculate. However I do not buy their explanation that it will stabilize an orbit around earth in 600 years, It is more likely to smash into the earth in the distant future. I just thought this would be of interest.
  • This is just one of several images from NASA's webpage concerning this asteroid. Wait until you see how this same asteroid corkscrews its way around the Earth as it orbits the sun.
  • No wonder our axis is slipping. Here is the link to NASA's page.