Wildlife Disturbances



You may have noticed a change in the behavior of the wildlife in the past 10 years. Migratory birds arrived and then became confused a few days later. Some were flying south within a week of arrival while others flew farther north.

Even the birds who had inhabited certain areas for years, all disappeared the same week. 20 to 30 species, disappeared from their habitats overnight.

Birds did not start laying eggs until 3 months late and even then, abandoned their eggs.

Wildlife such as coyotes & raccoons became disoriented and strayed away from areas they had inhabited for years.

Snakes & frogs are swarming in masses due to the change in weather as are insects, lizards and other species.

 Even the behavior of our own pets as they wander in circles, whine or refuse to eat can be indicators of serious environmental changes.

All of these are signs that the wildlife are disturbed by  environmental changes & alterations in our sun or geomagnetic fields..