Tsunami  & Tidal Waves


Contrary to common misconceptions, Tsunami's are a result of the shifting movement of our planet or its crust. Tsunami's are not caused by earthquakes although a sizeable earthquake often occurs as a symptom of the same shift of the planet or crust which created the tsunami. Think of a bowl of water. If you carry or move the bowl, the water splashes out of the bowl like a tsunami. An earthquake is more like placing the container of water on a vibrating pad or chair massage cushion which agitates the water but does not generate significant inertia to generate a tidal wave; much less send a wall of water thousands of miles through the density of saltwater. I've been in a lot of earthquakes including the 89 San Francisco Oakland earthquake and in central America. So I'm also speaking from experience.  Did you know there are different types of earthquakes depending on the location, depth & causes. Earthquakes do not cause Tsunamis. This is why subsequent Tsunamis are not produced with all quakes near the ocean even when the quakes or aftershocks are of sizeable magnitude above 7 or 8. Even when the subsequent quakes occur in the exact locations, it generates rarely more than a tall wave. It requires movement of the earth or the earths crust to generate a tsunami. Japan is a perfect example. Check out the magnitudes of the subsequent aftershocks above 7 and 8 in the same location. They sounded Tsunami warnings many times but none were created because the earth only shifted one time creating the first tsunami. It destabilized the crust and fault line leading to subsequent quakes.

The only exception to Tsunami's being caused by movement of the earth or its crust is when a  tsunami is produced by a large mass falling into the water and a tsunami appropriate to the size of the mass can be generated to encompass any land in its path. This has occurred in Iceland (I think) when a large chunk of glacier crashed into the ocean and generated a tidal wave which enveloped one of its coastal towns. A similar even occurred in Alaska when a large mountain landslide crashed into the ocean, generating another tsunami. I believe the rock slide may have been caused by tremors but it was the mass of the slide hitting the ocean which created the tsunami. Another possible source of future tsunami's could be the impact of meteors, asteroids or space debris crashing into the ocean. 

As I speak, in 2014 and 2015, NASA is currently building another space station. Unlike our current ISS, this new station will have a decaying orbit like Skylab and it will fall to the earth just like Skylab. If it hits the ocean near a large population, thousands could die. Why is NASA being allowed to create such a piece of space junk... just so they can perform deadly or unsavory experiments in secret from the other countries who share the ISS? You can bet they would cast the blame for any deaths caused by their labs and debris on a meteor or asteroid instead of taking responsibility.

Pompeii's volcanic upheaval was another source which caused a tsunami when masses of volcanic matter was hurled into the ocean. Similar to the Alaskan rock slide and the Iceland glacier which crashed into the ocean. Quakes may agitate the water or even cause some tall waves, but they cannot create massive tsunamis even though they usually accompany the Tsunami due to the shift of the earth or its crust.

Earthquakes were a fairly common occurrence during my 13 years in California. We used to joke about guessing the magnitudes. Small EQ's occurred by the hundreds in the SF bay area. Most not worth mentioning but we were quite good  at accurately guessing their strength like the scene on the film Independence Day when Will Smith thought it was a quake. A typical reaction. But quakes had different types & styles which you wouldn't k now unless you regularly experienced them, usually about twice a week. But no one there pays attention to any below 4 since you can barely feel them unless you are in bed.  Even a 4.5 just made the car slightly wobble. I didn't feel it standing at the gas station with the hood open; thinking I had a bad motor mount until I heard the radio. Even the news media doesn't mention quakes below 4 & no one respects anything below 5.3. They were  guessing games for the residents. Even those under 6 never harmed a single knick-knack  in my home. 

Every home experienced quakes differently. The type of soil & home foundations were different as were the quakes. Most were gentle tremors; like a tap of one finger on the mattress. Some were like a barely noticeable road vibration of a passing truck. Not much more than a vibrating pager. A few were rockers like a gentle rocking chair. About a dozen were explosions. It was a single loud bang like a cherry bomb. No warning. No vibration. No rocking. Just a sudden loud explosion that shook the entire house like a plane breaking the sound barrier. It shook the entire house. The explosion was inside the house. Not outside. The neighbors sitting on their patio just 75 ft away; heard nothing. This happened a dozen times over the years. My only explanation was a possible small shallow fault line branch went under our property & terminated under the house. So, when an earthquake originated on the main portion of that fault line (Calif has plenty), the energy traveled under our property & made a deafening bang and shook the house just once like a cherry bomb when it hit the end of the small fault line fracture under the house (which was pier & beam). Every EQ was different depending on where it started. Sometimes, we  could see an earthquake coming down the fault line. The trees would shake as  the tremor approached at a slow walking pace.  From my doorway, I watched my neighbors trees shake for 10 seconds; then BANG; my explosion  inside in my house at the end of this fault line. But my trees did not shake like the others I watched. No shaking or sound outside my house and it ended the event at my house & did not  proceed to the next neighbor after me. The tremors ended with the loud bang in my house & nothing outside. It reminded me of the crack at the end of a whip. No wonder I had so many EQ's no one else felt.  It seems we had our own private fault line. Some EQ's would just be 2 or 3 sharp, aggressive hard jerks. These could have caused damage if they had gone on longer but never had anything fall or break 

But for those who have never felt a quake, here is the  insider experience of the 1989 SF Oakland 7.1 quake  which the gov't agencies have attempted to  minimize by reducing the magnitude  below 7 to 6.9. I still have 10 recorded hours, over a week of nonstop news and 7.1 headlines. But the officials downsize the quakes to keep insurance rates low  based on Corporate pressure by diminishing the quake strength & risk by low balling the events & casualties.  It is a psychological tactic like reducing a price from $5 to $4.99. Your brain perceives this as a dollar reduction rather than a penny. In California, the insurance premiums were based on known risk. So 6.9 is better than 7.1 for insurance risk assessment and for future business propositions for the Bay area. Everything rotates around business interests no matter what town you live in. The gov't always gives into them because they employee the population. Without employment, the residents would move away. Thus, the gov't helps promote and prevent the loss of business interests by sugar coating and trimming unpalatable information.

When the 89 quake hit, I was 60 miles north from SF. Turned on the TV for the world series baseball game. The anthem was playing & the TV broadcast signal was lost. I assumed it was some technical problem. 5 minutes later, a strong rocking quake started. These usually only last 10 or 20 seconds but this one kept going back & forth without letting up. For the first time in 13 years we went outside because it kept rocking back & forth without letting up. I was afraid of the glass sliding door my family used because it wasn't safety glass. So I went out the front. A bad mistake. I was under power lines stretching & sagging & stretching repeatedly with a snapping noise. A sidewalk  slab raised out of the ground. I couldn't stand  up. It was like trying to stand on a rocking chair. I was sitting on the ground. 10 minutes of rocking & it had not slowed yet. I was under three old 100ft  tall sugar pine  trees with pine cones the size of cantaloupes dropping. But the power lines  were still stretching & snapping dangerously above my head so I finally managed to make it to the back yard where the water was sloshing out of the hot tub. The entire event lasted about 15 minutes. Despite the power of the quake, nothing fell from the shelves or was damaged.  What is interesting is how the quake lasted 15 minutes of rocking motion 60 miles north but at the epicenter it was more like 15 seconds of violent sharp jerking motions. I was there and I can assure you that we experienced 10-15 minutes of tremors. But it still did not have enough power or motion to create a small tidal wave 100 miles, let alone a Tsunami several thousand miles away.

This is the reason nearly identical earthquakes in the same locations do not generate tsunamis despite previous tsunami events such as the dozens of 2011 Japan 7.0-8.0 aftershocks. Tsunami's are caused by the inertia generated by an abnormal movement of the earth or the earth's crust. An earthquake associated with a Tsunami is a byproduct symptom of the event. Not the cause. You have to remember how the gov't downsizes and downplays everything to keep the minions happy.

The South Pole which normally acts as a gyroscopic anchor weight to maintain the balance of the earth's axis has been melting & disbursing into the ocean. As the Antarctic ice melts, it disrupts the balance of the tilt of the earth's axis and allows the planet to shift into a deeper tilt. Think of a rubber ball floating in the water with weights on the bottom which maintains its position. If those weights are reduced or removed, the ball would begin to roll toward other heavy points. In our case the next heaviest point would likely be the equator which is the largest circumference. These axis tilt shifts would continue in accordance with the degree & rapidity of the melting ice in gradual nudges until it reaches the tipping point. A steep enough angle where the Earth suddenly falls over the remainder of the way onto its side where it would come to a rest once it has settled into its new orientation. The Earth would not flip completely upside down because there is no land weight at the north pole to pull the planet over. The tipping point would probably occur between 46 & 52 degrees depending on the degree of melted ice.

These gradual nudges as the tilt continues to slip into a deeper angle of tilt are the earth movements which cause Tsunami's from the inertia generated by the planet or crust movements.  The majority of these axis slippages & associated Tsunami's occur in the Winter between December &  April because it is summer in the Southern hemisphere when most of the Antarctic melting occurs. These axis slippages are what we experienced as the:

Dec 2004 Indonesian Tsunami;

Dec 2006 GPS failure slippage;  

Mar 2011 Japan Tsunami;  

Apr 2007 Solomon Islands;  

Jan 2010 Solomon Islands; 

Feb 2010 Chile;  

Jun 2001 Peru;  

Jul  2006 Indonesia; 

Sep 2009 Samoa; 

Oct 2010 Indonesia

Indonesia & the Ring of Fire are the most unstable regions of the Earth's crust which flex with these  planetary slippages and the gravitational effects of the super-moon & tidy theories developed by Jim Berkland, a noted California geologist who accurately predicted numerous major earthquakes.

There is no way that any authorities or governments would tell the truth of this major axis shift. Imagine the panic if the public realized 230,000 people were wiped out as a result of the sudden slippage of the Earth's axis which now has the sun set further north in summer & South in winter. They would panic wondering when the next axis shift would occur & how many would die. They would also be outraged that the greedy corporations & their corrupt politicians lied & polluted  the earth to line their greedy pockets, ridiculing anyone who warned about the dangers of the polar ice melting until now they have damaged the polar ice to the point where the earths axis is slipping & cannot be repaired. How would people react if they knew it was only a matter of 2-6 years or so until the next huge axis  slip causes another 2004 Tsunami catastrophe and caused by the greedy oil companies, Chemical companies, car companies & the crooked politicians who are now spending trillions of our tax dollars to build their under ground city at Denver etc to be above the floods & mother of all Tsunamis at our expense. How would the public react just knowing about the axis slipping?

They would flip out. Now you know why we suddenly have unlimited oil & gasoline & huge gas guzzling polluting cars after the 70's shortages & fear of oil & high mileage & low gas cars and water savings in showers and short toilets because we were running out. Then suddenly the 90's became super wasteful of gasoline, oil, water, air pollution like there is no tomorrow and the USSR suddenly dissolved & became our best buddies... because they know the south pole cant be fixed & we are all on borrowed time. So waste & pollute everything. The crooks who did this spent all of our money so they can live underground like Kings at our expense while we are left to die above ground. This is why they don't care about pollution & corruption or exposing the population to deadly carcinogens. They want to thin us out. Remember the 580,000 population goal on the Georgia moment? This is why. So do you really think they would tell anyone ahead of time? They would not jeopardize their plans to live underground by telling the truth so hordes of violent panicky mobs tear them to pieces looking for that shelter city & hunting for those guilty politicians & corporations who lied & stole & caused the problems in the first place & these rotten corrupt execs & politicians will be the ones who are saved. Keep track of this crooks if you want to know when.

I can only hope that some of the surviving victims of a global catastrophe will be angry enough to dig up the underground haven under the new Denver airport & stop these crooks & politicians from living in luxury with the trillions of tax monies they stole while leaving everyone else uninformed without any prior warnings to die on the surface. Perhaps if we had been allowed to keep that money and were informed on the situation, we could have used it to build underground homes and alternate energy and prepared for our needs. But we have no idea when, where and what we are facing. We only know that our sun and weather are not right but no idea when the finale will occur or if they are expecting something else to occur as well. The information we need to know to create the appropriate shelters for protection. We most certainly need to know when. These crooks are certainly not the people who should restart a new society. They were the ones who destroyed it in the first place. Oil Company execs, Energy companies, DOD company CEO's, the Texas corporations who ran & benefited from the wars... HB and B&R. The labs who create these horrors. You know who they are. Many attend the Bilderbergs and most certainly the Bohemian Grove annual gatherings. I've taken photos of them arriving at the airport. Our 2001-2006 Sec of Defense was one I personally took a photo of along with a plethora of Texas CEO's and politicians. These will be the elite who get invited to the fancy underground shelters with underground tube trains connecting every major site.