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The sun will get hotter and larger as it continues through its normal aging cycle and will eventually be larger than the orbit of the earth... but not for a billion years, however, even the slightest changes make a difference in earth's weather and temperature. So no matter how gradually the sun warms and increases in size, it will affect our climate. But this doesn't account for the variation in the angle of the sun. That is related to the angle of axis of the earth in relation to the sun.

According to an article in Jan 2008, it stated that NASA was claiming the sun was entering a dangerous cooling cycle and the earth was entering a bad cooling period... I would take this with a grain of salt. Here's why:

1st keep in mind that NASA receives gov't and taxpayer money and is subject to appropriations approvals... which means NASA is not going to do or say anything not approved by the gov't authorities and Presidential Administration which is in power at the time. 

The gov't in control when this article was released was doing everything they could to discredit the very existence of "Global Warming." What better way to confuse the public than to throw an opposite scenario onto the fire from a highly respected scientific organization as NASA? 

Were you aware that as NASA's personnel retire or go elsewhere.... most of the NASA personnel are methodically being replaced with active or retired military or gov't personnel?  The gov't doesn't want any loose cannons  in our scientific community. (Keep the peasants dumb and happy).

If our scientists don't play the game, then they are either fired or their employer will lose the gov't monies which their institutions have become dependent upon. Many such fields of science have only a few resources available for employment. Try to find an aerospace firm or an observatory or just about any laboratory which is not tied to gov't monies. Since most employers cannot afford to lose those gov't monies, those scientists end up without a job and ridiculed if they speak out. (Remember Bob Lazar?) 

Those few scientists who are not team players are subjected to attacks against their character and credibility and any other means of coercion or utilizing other "team player" scientists to publicly ridicule & condemn the assertions of the "loose canon" scientist to damage their credibility to obtain their silence. Having been on the receiving end of such types of attacks, I have the utmost sympathy for those few scientists who still have the courage to speak out but they rarely get any air time. Gov't pit bulls and jackals usually end up on the news or in gov't funded documentaries to utterly destroy the theories of any "non-team player" who won't remain silent. (such as Shermer, for example).

I remember a woman archeologist who discovered gigantic stone carvings in Central America which dated back over 200,000 years (if my memory of the timeline is accurate. It was a substantial time differential from the official stance on the age of civilization). These were larger and more profound than the ones found on Easter Island. Her funds were removed, she was fired from the university and her work ridiculed. You almost never hear about her discoveries but they are still there and quite fascinating. It makes the giant Easter Island carvings pale by comparison. But the powers that be have tried to make her discoveries disappear even though those giant stone carvings are still there. Since I'm going by memory, I don't have the exact info about her and her discoveries, but you should be able to find something about her on some other independent website like mine. I think she was in her 60's or older when I saw a story about her 2 or 3 years ago.

This dependency on gov't monies is the same for Universities and Dept of Defense (DOD) contractors. They are all dependent upon gov't grants, gov't monies, gov't contracts, taxpayer dollars and appropriations approvals. There are not very many scientists who are not under the controls of our Gov't. Even foreign countries are dependent upon us through foreign aid, bank loans, US corporate The US gov't also controls most countries and scientists in the world. purchases, grants, gov't and private sector assistance, world banking, substantial economic pressures... you name it. Those economic pressures even work on countries like China and Russia.  We make foreign countries dependent on selling their goods to our country then control them with it by demonstrating how easily we can disrupt their income simply by blaming them for an 'unsafe product.' We never mention the fact that it was a US company which hired that country to build their product... who were responsible for specifying and ensuring those product materials met US safety standards in the first place. That is called "being setup." The countries which we can't control end up on the list of mortal enemies.

The public is just as much at fault for what has been going on. They accept this false data and organized discrediting campaigns enabling the crucification of those few who try to inform the public with the truth. 

I had a member of my own family who asked (in regard to a specific issue of scientific cover-up & corruption at the time), "If this information was true, then why didn't any of the scientists speak up about it?"  

I explained about the monies and jobs and pressures described above and added, "If you were going to be ridiculed & attacked every time you attempted to speak out about the truth and then ended up with the public believing the orchestrated official lies and kicking you further... why bother? Why subject yourself to that kind of treatment or ridicule if no one is going to appreciate it? When people are so programmed through organized manipulation of the media that they can no longer think outside the box for themselves, why would any of us subject ourselves to that kind of treatment  for a public who can no longer recognize nor care about the real truth?"

The generation who cared are now mostly retired, in poor health or dead. That was the generation who went out into the streets by the millions and protested against wars and corruption. That was before the media was used to program society. When's the last time you saw a UFO documentary without Shermer or Friedman chopping up anyone who had a differing opinion? There is no reason either of them needed to be on the documentary. It is not a news program and does not require conflicting opinions to be shown.

Are you against war? Then why are your children and grandchildren playing war computer games designed to make it "fun" for them? 

Blogs and email are of no consequence to the politicians, corporations and financial institutions which run this world. They don't read them and they don't care. They are deleted with the stroke of a key. Protests in the streets are a little harder to ignore, but they have that covered as well. They simply don't get any air-time on the news as if it never happened. I remember a 400,000 person war protest in NYC around March 2003 which didn't get hardly any media coverage. If they do, they just focus on a counter protest group which political groups with certain agenda's hired from the local colleges and hauled down to the scene to make it look like people were protesting the protest. The media made 100 paid demonstrators look like they outnumbered the 400,000 honest citizens. Hollywood type magic for the viewers. It even works locally since most people depend on their TV's for info rather than driving down to look for themselves. So most people don't know what is going on in their own towns. Everything is fed through the media.

Just check out who owns FOX; read about the background of the CEO of CNN... Alan Parsons; or who owns MSNBC (GE a huge gov't contractor). The same person who owns FOX also owns the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, the computer game company which makes those "War" computer games and the publishing company which prints your children's school books... just to name a few. Go on Wikipedia and read about the politicians who were in power between 2001 and 2008 (particularly the big shots in the President's cabinet)... as well as the ones in control in the 90's. Neither political group is innocent. It is like having 2 syndicates vying for power over the country. 

Read about the largest corporations. See who the executives and boards of directors are and all the organizations they belong to. Read their biographies. See who are on the boards controlling the largest charities. Look up who controls the banking and transportation and pharmaceutical and food companies. Check out the Carlisle group and Monsanto on Wikipedia. See who are members of the boards of directors for our largest universities in the country. You'll find it is the same group of people running everything. They are on the boards of every major institution in this country and across the world.

I've already done all of this, so I know. I think it is time the rest of you looked it up as well. You're in for a shock. Think of the power these positions give them and how it could affect the things in your daily lives without your realizing it. Go online to Amazon and buy some of the independent documentary DVD's on these subjects which were produced without gov't monies or influence. "The Corporation" is a good one to start with. There are some very good documentaries like that which are available for purchase. 

The powers that be, like to label these under "Conspiracy theories" hoping that the label itself will ridicule the information in the eyes of the public. Labels have been used throughout history to slur the value of people, groups or information. I believe one of those labeled groups were "fed to the lions" in the coliseums of Rome a couple thousand years ago. Labels have made people slaves or ended their lives in concentration camps. Labels are a very powerful tool to sway public opinions. Most people don't even realize they have been affected by labels and media programming. An example would be the word, Muslim. How does that word cause you to react? I'm just using this as an example to show the power labels can have.

My advice is to buy the documentaries and then research all of this info on Wikipedia. It is an excellent source of information about the subjects I described above. You can also verify that information by going right to the websites of those organizations so you can assure yourselves that the information is true and factual. 

Once you understand all of these things, then your eyes will be open to much more which is going on with our planet... in environment, science, politics, health... and all the things you never realized were tied together. The very fact that you are looking at this website means you know something isn't right with our planet and are looking for the truth. This is why I always make sure I provide the source of all of my data and information. It is hard for the gov't to attack your information when it comes from their own websites. What they don't like is to have someone putting it all together so people can see the whole picture.



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