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The menu below provides links to the solar imagery SOHO (NASA/ESA) collected from all of the solar imaging systems. In every instance, all of the images are missing for Dec 5 & 6... the very dates they claim a solar flare of historic levels occurred. We all know that NASA, SOHO and every Observatory on the planet would have been bragging about this historic flare. But they waited 5 months until the first week of April when all of the world scientists met, to inform the public about the historic solar flare Dec 5 & 6, 2006 and how it knocked out the GPS. Yet, not a single image or even the data for those dates support this claim of a historic flare. They removed all of the images to hide the fact that the flare never occurred and have not had time to replace the images with fakes until recently due to the exposure of their deception. The very fact that all of these images are missing should tell you that this entire solar flare story was false. This was just a big cover story to hide the slippage of the earth's axis on Dec 4 and 6, 2006. This was what knocked out the GPS system. As the earth's axis changed, the GPS satellites did not move with it. 
This shows ALL of the image of the sun on all of SOHO's imaging systems during the date of the false flare story. I've also included other image dates for comparison.


SOHO Lasco C2 Corona Images Dec 1-11, 2006

Lasco C2 Corona

SOHO Lasco C2 Corona Images Dec 12-19, 2006

Lasco C2 Corona

SOHO Lasco C2 Corona Images Dec 20-31, 2006

Lasco C2 Corona

SOHO Lasco C3 Images Dec 1-12, 2006

Lasco C3 Corona

SOHO Lasco C2 CME Dec 2006 Lasco C2 CME
SOHO MDI Magnetogram Images Dec 1-31, 2006 MDI Magnetogram
SOHO MDI Continuum Images Nov 15, 2006 to Jan 16, 2007 MDI Continuum
SOHO EIT 171 images Dec 1-15, 2006 EIT 171
SOHO EIT 195 images for Dec 1-14, 2006 EIT 195
SOHO EIT 284 images for Dec 1-15, 2006 EIT 284
SOHO EIT 304 images for Dec 1-15, 2006 EIT 304
GOES System Chronic Failures GOES Solar X ray


Courtesy SOHO (a NASA - ESA Solar monitoring entity) & your American Tax dollars which pay for their organizations