Solar Flare Images



It is interesting to note that the SOHO MDI Magnetogram images of the Sun between 12/01/06 and 12/12/06 are all missing except for 2 on Dec 4th, 2006. If you search between 12/05/06 - 12/09/06, the response is "No files found." An interesting omission considering that this supposedly historical solar flare occurred between those dates. Sometimes, what you do not see is just as telling as what you do see.

If you search on MDI Continuum between 12/1/06 and 12/12/06, only one image for 12/11/06 appears.

On the Lasco C3 imaging, during the same time frame, all of the images come up except for Dec 5th and 6th 2006.... supposedly the very days the historical solar flare occurred. Don't you think it is odd that a historic event such as this would have been their showpiece?

On the EIT  171 images, none are available between 12/1/06 and 12/12/06 nor for the EIT 195 solar imaging system, nor the EIT 284, nor the EIT 304.


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