Consequences of a Shifted Axis 



Melting Polar ice causing Slippage of the Axis

The south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains the global balance. As the ice melts, it allows the Earth's axis to shift. Most of these shifts of the Earth are the primary cause of tsunami's. Earthquakes are not the cause of tsunami's but  usually occur  in conjunction as a result of a shift in the Earth.  Tsunami's are usually caused by axis shifts or crust movements.  Similar to walking across the room with a bowl of water. The motion causes the water to slop over the sides of the bowl. 

The more the ice melts, the more the axis shifts. At some point, we will reach the tipping point and the earth will slip the rest of the way onto its side. On the equator which is the largest circumference. Earth is bottom heavy & top light so it wont invert upside down. We would be much better off inverted than on our side with the poles horizontal.  But that will be our eventual fate. It is too late to undo the damage. Currently, our sun is rising & setting about 2000 miles farther to the north in the summer and the same amount further south in Winter. The sun now shines in our north windows in the US at sunrise & sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon during the summer solstice June 21st and most of June & July. This changes the tropic of Cancer from mid Mexico to aprox the border between California & Oregon. The inverse has occurred for the southern hemisphere. Thus the US is farther south in the summer & hotter and farther north in the winter with colder weather. Plus higher humidity & heavier precipitation from all the melting ice & evaporation. Regardless how much the gov't tries to minimize& deny; they cannot hide the position of the sun. Therefore, they can only try to convince you to believe it is normal for the sun to set to the north. But we all know the sun should never be farther north than the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) on the summer solstice (longest day). Trust your own eyes.

As the polar ice continues to melt, the sea levels rise, the land-based weight from the poles reduces as it disperses into the sea and raises the water levels. Most people don't notice the rising seas but they might be aware of the shrinking beaches. The rising sea levels can be masked for a short time by using bulldozers for creative cosmetic modification of the beaches to add & relocate sand & rocks to make the beaches appear the same. The public would not notice if the beaches were a few ft higher as long as it  doesn't lose too much distance between the water line & the outer beach boundary. Widening river outlets, installing special drainage systems as they have been doing in the Seattle area and  other similar projects  are underway to help to delay the public from noticing the rising sea levels. (These multinational projects are described on the UK Resilience website documents posted by the British government, which can be accessed from the main menu of this website. The US and more than 8 other nations are currently involved in these modification projects.)  

The evaporation and melting of the ice also increases the global humidity levels & amounts of precipitation... resulting in floods & blizzards. This is confirmed by the numbers of catastrophic weather events across the world (the global weather details can be accessed on the main menu of this website). The reallocation of weight from the poles into the sea, changes the balance of the earth on its axis... which causes the angle of the earth's axis to shift. Depending on the severity of the shifting and the interaction of astronomical bodies such as the gravitational pull of a super-moon as it approaches or wanes from its nearest orbital position, or the shape of the earth's orbital path around the sun, position of the other  planets and many other factors such as tectonic plate interaction and subterranean magma... may increase the occurrence or severity of Earthquakes as well as Tsunami's. The smoothness of the axial shift would be a major factor. Most occur without much notice, as you would not notice the rotation of the earth despite the fact that it is rotating at a rate of 1000 mph. Many people will mistakenly limit their super-moon and other close proximity lunar orbits to only the date of the closest orbital point to the earth. In fact, the most dramatic affects in triggering seismic events usually occur as the moon is approaching or departing the closest point in the days preceding or following ... rather than the actual moment of the closest proximity. It is similar to a bungee cord pulling away, then snapping back toward the source of the pulling action. An eclipse would be another example of a gravitational event which can interact with the tectonic plates.

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No Pole  Reversal -  Earth will tip onto its side instead

The shift in the earth's axis will not become a reversal of poles as some have suggested. The planet will not flip upside down.  The magnetic field pole polarity will not reverse; nor will the earth slip over the molten core. The earth is not an outer sleeve over a greased inner core ball. The layers cannot move or shift independently.  Earth is an integrally layered sphere similar to a geode except it has a molten core.  The layers do not move independently. They are simply from natural separation of minerals under various stages of cooling. The earth & other planets are spherical in shape due to the nature of the weightless void of space which causes liquids to assume a spherical shape. Thus,  when the planets & moons were in a molten state, they assumed a spherical shape in the void of space as would any liquid.

The balance of our planet is maintained by the weight of the South Pole ice which acts as an anchor.  As the Antarctic ice melts, the axis will gradually continue to slip until it reaches the tipping point. Then the earth will slip onto its side.  Without a landmass & sufficient ice, the north pole will never have enough weight to pull the planet upside down.  If it could flip upside down, that scenario would be preferable to the earth lying on its side with the equator rotating vertically.  Aside from the massive tsunamis & quake damages associated with the shift, being upside down would just reverse our weather patterns;  winter during summer months & vice versa. 

A much bigger nightmare lies in store for us if the earth tips onto its side.  The poles will rest horizontally as we continue to rotate vertically instead of  east to west.  The equator will be the heaviest point once the ice melts at the south pole. (as depicted in the images at the top of this page). The shifting of the angle of the axis will continue to occur in slow increments as the weight at the polar regions decreases from loss of ice... particularly the south pole where the glaciers cover land masses and serves as a global anchor point. The earth will continue to shift on its axis until enough enough glacial weight mass has been lost from the melting Antarctic and dispersed into the rising sea, causing the planet to reach a tipping point... likely when it reaches an axial tilt of approximately 52 degrees. (this is just a guess as to when the final tipping will occur).

The earth will then roll onto its side in one major shift and settle there, because the earth is slightly larger at the equator and will have more weight once the polar ice has melted. This is why the planet will not flip upside down... because the north pole, which does not have a land mass, will never have enough weight to end up on the bottom. The direction of which is top or bottom in space, is determined by the larger gravitational forces and characteristics of our galactic forces. Without these, the balance and weight distribution of our planet would have no effect in the weightlessness of space. 

You can experiment with the affects of weight changes on the axial tilt by using a plastic or rubber ball in the bathtub and using washers as weights to represent the polar regions. If you have 3 weights at the bottom, and 4 evenly spaced small weights at the equator. Then start removing the bottom weights and see how the ball rolls in the water. The weight at the north pole cannot be added because there is no land mass under the ice. Without land mass, the ice has no affect on the planetary balance. Thus, it does not affect the balance like the south pole can with the huge continental land mass. Total melting of the polar ice will increase the sea levels to 297' above normal. Just the melting of Greenland alone will increase the sea levels by 29 feet. It wont take much more ice to melt for the planet to shift onto the side since it is already at the halfway tipping point. So don't wait for all the ice to melt. You don't have the luxury of waiting.

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The final Axis tipping point

We likely won't feel the last major shift of the axial tilt any more than we feel the earth rotating more than 1000 miles per hour. There  will likely be enormous tidal waves like the 2004 Indonesia Tsunami which killed nearly a quarter million victims.  That was the first major shift of our axis.  We didn't feel the actual shift; only the tsunami & quakes produced by the movement of our planet. There will also be earthquakes from stress on the plates as the liquefied magma beneath the tectonic plates shifts around like the water in an upturned snow globe with large cracks in the glass. On the other hand, the magma is already subjected to rotational movement on a continuous basis.

Most of the people will not feel these axis shifts since we are traveling at the same speed as our rotating planet. The only exception would be if the shift impeded the Earth's rotation. Just imagine what would happen to us if the rotation came to a sudden stop at 1000 mph. The inertia would hurl us sideways at that speed... followed by a total loss of gravity which none of us would witness since no one would survive a 1000 mph injury. Such a drastic interruption of rotation is unlikely. One scientist recently stated that the earth's axis has slipped over 11 times since it formed based on evidence he discovered at the poles & equator. Since we are still rotating it is unlikely our rotation would be catastrophically interrupted since the rotation would not have restarted after it had stopped. However, the rotation speed could easily be decreased to some degree. Minimal decrease, I would surmise, based on the fact that we are still rotating after 11 such prior events. As long as we continue to rotate at our current speed, it is unlikely we will feel the shift any more than we feel our current rotation.

If we continue to shift in gradual increments we wont witness any epic catastrophes. Most would be similar to the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami or the 2011 Japan Tsunami. However, a major shift upon reaching the axis tipping point, will likely cause a huge Tsunami (like water sloshing in a bowl as you carry it around the room.) This will be a cataclysmic Tsunami of epic proportions... perhaps a wall of water hundreds of feet high... Perhaps a wave high enough to move Noah's arc halfway up a mountain and massive flooding to fill the grand canyon in addition to all of the US states which once had held an ocean until it finally evaporated, leaving an enormous deposits of salt such as Salt Lake City.  The movement of such a final shift could also produce massive quakes where the plates & fault lines occur. Especially around the ring of fire. 

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The Sideways Earth conditions

Once the earth has come to a rest after tipping onto its side, it will still continue to rotate but there is no way to know if the rotational speed will be the same. I suspect it will be very close to the same. However, it will have a catastrophic effect on the weather since the equator will then be rotating from the south to the north and the poles will be horizontal. During two of the seasons (I'm not sure which two, but perhaps Summer & Winter) our temperatures will be hotter than normal but should be tolerable. Even though we will be rotating vertically, the sun will still look very similar to us. Only the night stars will be from a different perspective. 

However, the remaining two seasons (such as Spring & Fall) will have one of the polar regions facing the sun  24 hours a day for 3 months  while the other pole would be on the dark side 24 hours a day for 3 months.  Boiling hot on one pole & freezing cold on the other for 3 months then just the opposite 6 months later when the poles would be on reverse sides. 

During those two seasons where one of the poles was facing the sun... the entire hemisphere facing the sun would  have varying degrees of sun depending how close you are to the pole facing the sun and no night for 3 months.  Similar to an arctic summer where it is twilight 24/7 and never gets dark.   The pole facing the sun 3 months would be unbearably hot. The further from the pole & closer to the equator, the milder it would be. We could only survive under ground except perhaps those who live in the tropics. But the temperatures will still be extreme with the constant light and constant dark. Only the equator will provide a mean temperature & twilight during those two seasons. 

The opposite hemisphere on the side facing away from the sun, would be in darkness and freezing the entire time in arctic temperatures (colder than anything we now know  like the dark side of the moon). Possibly below 200 degrees F for 3 months.  Again, we could only survive underground. It would be less cold at the equator. When the opposite season came around again, the sides and conditions would be reversed to the opposite conditions. 

It will be a planet of extremes and the only way to survive will be underground but there will be times of year where we can grow crops & tolerate the climate. However, the underground quarters will be necessary during the harsh seasons. Perhaps this is why we have found the mounds in Scotland and Ireland used by ancient tribes. 

The atmosphere may grow quite thin as the trees and plants die from extremes... not to mention the wildlife. Thus, the underground living facilities would need to have greenery, trees, crops and artificial light and water to create a natural atmosphere underground. 

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Underground Cities built by Taxpayer money

These are quite real. Not a joke. Trillions of your tax dollars have been spent on these facilities since the 1960's. During the 1980's (or sooner), they began using the same types of boring machines used  to dig the tunnels under the English Channel  and Yucca Mountain. They rarely need explosives with the TBM's used these days. There are hundreds of them boring tunnels worldwide.

There are already underground cities links with transport tubes for select gov't and select chosen members of elite society and their families. These really exist. They are also showing TV documentaries about the private shelters in Indiana and Kansas which have a price tag of $50,000 per adult. I have pictures of the boring machines they used to cut the tunnels which you can see on Google or Yahoo images under tunnel boring machines (TBM). You can use the seismic charts on Google Earth and IRIS to track the tunnels when they were bored underground. A new link was just added in Dallas in Dec 2008 to connect the new Bush estate. A perk for having been president. The tunnel continues to the north through Oklahoma and can be traced with the shallow earth tremors as the boring machine continues its path to the next junction. 

Google Earth has since removed some of these Earthquake icons after I posted how they could be used to trace the tunnels. In Oct 2014, supplemental tunnels were being drilled under Irving, TX for Dallas to give our Ex President additional access. 

The rest of us who are not chosen or invited to live in the underground will die. It will not be possible to survive on the surface without group efforts to create our own shelters on smaller scales. Only those at the equator would have the best chance (after the tsunami's have occurred and the planet has shifted onto its side). Perhaps that's why they wanted to reduce world population by 85%? In fact, the Georgia Guidestone shows that the New World Order goal is to maintain the global population at 500,000,000. They cant achieve that if we all survive. Thus, "the haves" (elite, powerful and politicians in charge) can survive in the underground cities they built with our money. It is likely there will only be enough surface grown foods to support a smaller 15% population.

These federal underground cities already exist and are stocked with those FEMA supplies which should have gone to hurricane, tornado & flood victims. The primary underground city is under the new Denver airport and linked to Peterson AFB & Cheyenne mountain. Another tube links to Taos, Los Alamos, Groom Lake, Northrop Grumman skunk works, Virginia, DC, PA, Dallas, Houston, Chicago... are just some underground transport connections I know about. I have been in the tunnels under Chicago, Houston, NYC and Atlanta. My ex was in Norad. My uncle at Los Alamos & several friends I know have been in the ones at A51, Northup, JPL, Nasa, the Pentagon, CIA, site R, Site W, etc. These places are quite real & they are building them like their arse was on fire. In a big hurry. I now understand that all of the major USAF bases are connected to the tunnel system. I have seen the underground air vents at the perimeter of the Randolf AFB runway system.

There won't be any industry underground, so the supplies will have to last for eons. They even have full farms of underground crops and animals and processing facilities. Not just food & water but medicine, clothes, linens, hygiene, air, power, waste, etc. If they would give back some of the Tax money they stole & told the truth as to when, then we could build our own underground homes.

We can only hope some virus brings the haves back to the same end as the rest of us. If the only survivors are the vile, corrupt thieves who crushed the planet and citizens beneath them, they aren't worth saving. They may truly become the Morlocks carrying the hate, prejudices and vileness which isn't something that should be salvaged.  Money won't mean anything. The murals in the Denver airport tell the story of the end of civilization with their grotesque images of death. Who would even permit such awful images to adorn the walls of a major commercial airport? Perhaps their own karma will be their undoing.

Perhaps the movie "2012" has some credence to the plot. After all, our gov't chose the mile high city of Denver to build their newest underground city at our expense to save the very same crooks which caused the problems in the first place. We can't fix the axis problem. It's too late to even slow it down at this point. We can only hope their ill-gotten tunnels flood, or toxins fill their enclosed atmosphere or some pandemic occurs in their subterranean fortress. They wont be saving the best of mankind. Only its worst. The very corporate CEO's from companies such as Haliburton, Exxon, GM, Northup, News Corp, etc., who polluted the planet & bought the crooked politicians who poured our tax dollars down the tunnels & facilities filled with absconded FEMA supplies to save their miserable hides. Many of these Corporations have built private shelters at their companies. The shelter construction companies have stated that nearly every wealthy family in the US have their private shelters as well. 

If you want to know who is on the list for the underground shelters cities, just take photos of everyone who lands at the Sonoma County, California airport during the Bohemian Grove gatherings every summer or the Bilderberg annual meetings.  I snapped quite a few Bohemian Grove photos one year  in the mid 1980's which included Rumsfeld, Teddy Kennedy & a long  list of Texas corporate CEO's. Well known politicians, CEO's, Banking, etc. have been seen at these meetings.

Check the main menu on the home page for more details & photos & maps on this subject. It is no joke. It is quite real.

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Future axis reversal

At some future point, the earth's weight distribution will change again as new glaciers form at the south pole to pull the planet upright again. It may upright itself much faster than it took to tip over onto its side because of the severity of the conditions. It will depend on how fast enough glacial ice can form on Antarctica to bring the planet back to its original position. One scientist recently estimated that this has tipping process has occurred about 11 times in the past, leaving evidence of glaciers in the equatorial tropics, and evidence of tropics at the polar regions. Uranus is a planet which is currently laying on its side like this. Venus completely inverted upside down. But it had the necessary weight on the top to allow the inversion. Earth is top light and bottom heavy so there is no fear of total inversion. Unfortunately, that would have been a better option than a sideways planet. Weather-wise, it would have merely inverted our seasons like the southern hemisphere currently experiences.

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