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  weather satellite images below show the effects of the shift in the Earth's axis

The image above shows an example of the storm which rotated over Texas, Oklahoma & Kansas like a giant, landlocked hurricane. It was continuously spinning counterclockwise over this area from April to July 2007. Like blades of a fan, the drenching rain hit this area in bands of storms which created tropical downpours every day around 4 PM. During these months, only 3 days without rain occurred. The rain came down so hard, as much as 10 inches in less than an hour flooded the region. Rainfall totals were far more than the sum of a normal 5 year period.

This weather is not typical for Dry, hot northern Texas. But it is typical of central America and would correlate with the shift in the Earth's axis. 

The links below show the Daily Satellite weather loops from April to July 2007 which show the landlocked, hurricane-like tropical storms rotating over the central US. The jet stream was also flowing from north to south down the Rocky Mountains which met the upflow of warm Gulf air and caused the counterclockwise hurricane appearance of the clouds which formed in the center over Northern Texas and Oklahoma. 

Additional satellite image loops provide Monthly Satellite comparisons for years 2001 to 2007 Each monthly Loop depicts a single time frame of 4PM CST each day during the months of April, May & June. Each frame of the loop is 4PM at each day of the month.

All time depicted on the actual images is shown in Zulu.


Daily Animated Satellite weather loops from April to July 2007

Monthly Animated Satellite weather loops showing 1 frame for each day at 4 PM

April 2007 May 2007 June 2007 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
22-23 1-2 1-2 April April April April April April April
24-25 3-4 2-3 May May May May May May May
26-27 4-5 4-5 June June June June June June June
28-29 6-7 6-7              
30-01 8-9 8-9              
  10-11 10-11              
  12-13 12-13              
  14-15 14-15              
  16-17 16-17              
  18-19 18-19              
  20-21 20-21              
  22-23 22-23              
  24-25 24-25              
  26-27 26-27              
  28-29 28-29              
  30-31 30              



Images courtesy Plymouth State College and NWS


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