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 Universal Vortex: NOT Big Bang
 Milky Way Vortex
 Moon Formation
 Stellar Rings
 Black Holes
 Worm Holes & Speed of Light
 Earth: A different Pangaea
 Seti & Space Signals


I’ve seen some truly questionable theories being postulated by supposedly respectable astrophysicists which any small child would recognize to be false. One such current theory of our moon being formed from an impact of an asteroid with the earth. It boggles the mind to understand why these clearly bad science theories have not been countermanded by the rest of the scientific community. Fear of reprisal no doubt. 

The following theories are my personal opinions based on common sense so I doubt you will find these elsewhere. If you do find similar theories, they were not the basis from which mine originate. I have not seen any theories which are similar. The only exception is the nature of gravitational fields of which Eric Sereda has the best theories I have ever seen. He has a DVD named “Evidence” which he explains his theory in detail.

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Universal Vortex. Not Big Bang:

Contrary to the popular Big Bang theory that the universe was formed by a huge explosion… the similarity of spinning motions among the planets and galaxies clearly indicate this theory to be false.  A “Big Bang” type explosion would have hurled the planetary bodies outward but would not have produced the synchronistic spinning motions throughout the universe.  From the trajectory of the galaxies it is clear everything was hurled outward from a single point of origin as most other theories assume.  Thus, common sense dictates the origin was a spinning field of energy which hurled everything outward from a central point. A spinning vortex of electromagnetic & gravitational fields.

The formation of such an energy vortex would begin with the electromagnetic fields of coalescing atoms which amplified with strength in numbers, began to spin as the polarities interacted with each other; forming a spinning vortex, producing powerful gravitational fields. Think of magnets. Positive on one end & negative polarity on the other; laid end to end in a circle. If these were the size of atoms in the weightless vacuum of space, the magnetic forces between these atomic fields would cause a spinning motion like a tornado. This spinning motion produces gravity.  Gravity fields are spiral. Hence the reason water drains in a spiral and tornadoes, hurricanes & our galaxy have spiral or vortex shapes & behaviors. The electromagnetic field interacting with the gravitational fields produced by the spinning vortex of energy  would draw in all atomic matter within its range like the vacuum of a tornado causing the vortex to grow stronger; then heating & pressurizing the atomic matter into molten globs of new elements & stellar gases. These molten masses of superheated materials and stellar gasses were then ejected from the opposite end; hurling outward like a spinning playground carousel. These planetary bodies in the space vacuum, ever continue to perpetually travel outward on their original trajectories.

The spherical shape of the planets and moons indicates they were obviously in a molten liquid state when formed and clearly from a spinning centrifugal central point of origin. But not necessarily all at once. The vortex would continue to produce the masses of molten planetary materials & stellar gasses as long as there is material to feed it. 

However, there may also have been additional vortices formed at the center of some or all galaxies at one point. The vortices only require the necessary types of atoms to coalesce their fields with a supply of new matter in order to form new vortices. 

But at the very beginning, the trajectory of our galaxies and spinning planetary bodies shows us it all began with the very first vortex & atomic matter which some refer to as stardust. Through the forces of the vortex atomic energy fields combined with the pressure & heat generated, these “loose” atoms, as it were, combined to become molten masses of new elements & stellar gasses to form the galaxies of stars & planets we know today. Quite probably with additional vortices in each galaxy which were generated by the same type of electromagnetic fields as the very first vortex. 

These molten masses, spherical in shape due to the vacuum of space became planets & moons spinning from the ejection force of being hurled from the vortex. Those masses with combinations of stellar gases formed stellar nurseries producing stars with powerful gravitational fields, capturing the nearest spinning, planetary spheres into orbits as they passed within their range.  

To understand a gravity vortex, think of the way water spins down a drain or the spinning of tornadoes, hurricanes and our own milky way galaxy. All of these are the result of gravity fields which spin like a drain. Gravity consists of spiral fields rather than straight lines. Black Holes are also similar gravity vortices usually formed by the core of a dead star. However, they can also be formed from the interacting electromagnetic fields of coalescing atoms like the galactic vortex. Basically the vortex is a tornado of gravitational energy pulling everything inward at one end & ejecting it out the opposite end. Even the molecules of air travel in a spinning vortex like water down a drain, when that air is compressed and increases in speed. Normally, you cant see a vortex of air until it becomes saturated with dust or clouds. This is what makes a new tornado extra dangerous. You may see the downspout from a cloud while the bottom half is invisible until it begins to suck up dust from the soil & would be unaware of its presence until nearly on top of you.  Many people have been caught unaware by the invisible tail of a newly formed tornado which swept their vehicles from the road. Just a couple years ago, I saw the formation of a dust devil. A perfectly clear, cloudless blue sky & a calm, warm day. I saw the tall glass in a field begin to flatten & be tossed about in spinning motions by an invisible force which was only evident by the tracks it left on the grass.  The soil was damp so there was no dust to reveal the shape of the wind vortex. Only after it had torn across the field for an extended period, did the particles of shorn grass pulled into the vortex begin to reveal the shape of this dustless dust devil. It was easily 3 stories tall but quite narrow on the base. Perhaps 3 feet in diameter on the ground & 15 feet at the top. A rare thing to see form from the beginning. Water spouts are also quite similar. It was curious how this wind devil formed on such a calm, clear day. I suspect the first universal vortex formed from loose atoms just like this. It would be quite invisible until it had ingested or produced visible matter. 

The difference between a galactic vortex & a black hole only vary by the source of the gravity field. The vortex creates its gravity by the spinning motion generated by coalescing atoms. The black hole forms at the core of a dead star’s intense gravitational field. The vortex expels the matter it intakes out the opposite end where the matter which has  been drawn into a black hole impacts the core of the dead star at the opposite end. Unlike what you may see in Sci-fi films, none of these are doorways to other dimensions or holes in the universe. However, if you were to travel through a vortex, it would increase your speed faster than light and you would travel across great distance in rapid time.  Think of a bead thrown through the air across the room versus the speed of a bead sucked through a vacuum cleaner hose as an analogy between normal space travel speed versus travel speed enhanced by a vortex.  This type of vortex used for faster than light travel thru space would be a worm hole. 

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The Milky Way Vortex:

Most or all of the planetary bodies in our Milky Way galaxy were likely born in the vortex which lies at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. However, our galactic trajectory & rate of travel indicates part of our galactic matter originated from the first vortex at the center of our universe, then the Milky Way subsequently developed a vortex of its own by the same coalescing of atoms forming their collective electromagnetic fields into a spinning vortex which continues to create new galactic planetary matter & gases for stellar nurseries at the center of our Milky way.

It is clear that our Milky Way currently has such a vortex at the center which created the stars & planets within its gravitational field. Our galaxy still contains plenty of material to feed the  vortex which continues to generate new celestial bodies & stellar gases. However, as the expelled materials move farther outward from the vortex, it will eventually run out of matter to feed the vortex. This will cause the vortex, to weaken & die. Once that occurs, the binding gravitational field maintaining the shape of our spiral galaxy will be lost & it will begin to lose its distinctive appearance & become a formless, expanding cloud of stars & planets similar to other galaxies we see in our universe. Perhaps at one time, each of the galaxies had a center vortex which have since died. New vortices may yet form to create new galaxies.

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Moon Formation:

If the moon had been a result of two solid bodies smashing, it would look like an irregular broken rock, not a sphere. Furthermore, any collision large enough to form a moon would have also created tons of debris creating regions of debris like the asteroid belt or rings of orbiting debris like Saturn. We do not have any debris fields around the Earth or moon other than the junk we have placed up there during our space launchings. We trash everything we touch.

In the weightless vacuum of space, liquid assumes a spherical shape. Therefore, our moon and Earth were clearly formed while they were still molten liquid. Possibly the moon was born separating from the ring of fire region while the earth was still molten. The dark face areas of the moon is likely the scar from that separation just as the two molten spheres were beginning to cool on the surface. Rapid spinning and pressures within the earth probably initiated throwing off the portion of molten liquid which became the moon.

Alternatively, the moon could have been formed in a vortex with earth the other planetary bodies, becoming trapped within the gravitational field of the earth as it passed near its gravitational field. The total lack of debris completely dispels any collision theory. 

If explosive pressures  were to develop within the earths’ core, we could have an explosive burst of a second smaller moon from the “Ring of Fire” around the perimeter of the Pacific ocean. See the 60′s film “Crack in the World” which has a similar theme. However, since our planet’s crust has cooled, this new moon would look irregular like Phobos or Deimos moons of Mars which either formed as it was cooling or were asteroids which became entrapped in Mars gravity. A  moon from a cooled source would not be spherical since it is not molten liquid. Any moon created by or subjected to impact or collision would certainly be irregular in appearance and create a huge debris field which might possibly evolve into a ring as well. Similar to Saturn.

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Stellar Rings:

Most rings are the remnants of destroyed moons or asteroids. However, the asteroid belt which orbits our sun contains the remains of destroyed planets. It would be quite likely to find other stars in our galaxy or other galaxies which have rings around the stars of some solar systems. Stellar rings created from the debris of destroyed planets which once orbited that star. We often think about the beauty of planets like Saturn which have rings but I’ve never heard any mention of rings around a star like our sun. Yet, it is quite probable such stellar rings exist from the destruction of large planets which once orbited the stars in those systems. Yet, I’ve never seen or heard this idea from any source. Not even in science fiction. Unfortunately, our ability to view other solar systems is quite limited so it will be a very long time before we can see a solar ring.

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Black Holes:

A black hole caused by the core of a dead star is a bit different from a galactic vortex as described above. This is the gravitational field of a dying stellar core pulling in everything within its range of attraction like a powerful magnet. The only thing you will find at the center of such a black hole is an impact when you smash into the dead solar core. It is dark because it is no longer  burning or producing light. Just a dark mass of core generating enormous gravity and pulling in anything within its range. So it is dark like an eclipse where only the outer areas of spiraling debris outside of the core dimensions are backlit from another light source behind the dead dark core. These are not doorways. Neither are vortices doorways. If you were to be pulled thru the center of the vortex at the galaxy’s center, you would simply be ejected on the other side. Like traveling through the center of a hurricane. These are gravity forces, not doorways. Real life is not as exciting as a sci-fi movie.

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Worm holes & speed of light:

A wormhole is the effect caused by a craft traveling faster than the speed of light. Similar to a sonic boom from breaking the sound barrier, breaking the speed of light would create an initial flash of light to observers and a dark tunnel to the craft traveling faster than light. It is temporary & the wormhole will disappear after the craft  has dropped below light speed. However, hypergates could be constructed to use spiraling gravitational fields between two points to allow a craft to travel at hyper speeds without requiring powerful engines. It is similar to the way an object in water which is spinning down a drain will travel faster at the center of the spinning water than the outer edges. Eric Sereda has an excellent DVD on gravitational fields & light speed travel called “Evidence”. Although the video presentation is dry science theorizing, it is clearly the best, logical explanation of gravitational fields ever made.   Sereda is one of the few who is not on the gov’t payroll & doesn’t spout propaganda dogma like the rest of the scientific community.

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Earth: A different Pangaea

All of the current Pangaea theories base their assumptions of a single original continent on an Earth the exact size & circumference it is today. Their theories believe the continent broke apart & drifted, via the creation of volcanic rifts between the separated continent sections.

I have a different theory. I believe the earth was much smaller in its molten state. As much as  one third the circumference of earths present size. As the crust began to cool, it began with a single crust encapsulating the entire planet. Pangaea was this crust covering the entire planet. Not just a portion of the Earth as current theories state. The cooling process & buildup of trapped internal pressures caused our planet to expand in size. Like blowing air into a balloon. The heat & gases at the core of our newly formed Earth exerted outward pressures which expanded the entire planet causing the encapsulating Pangaea crust to break apart. The broken continental sections continued to separate farther apart as the internal pressures expanded Earth’s circumference. In the rifts between the broken continental sections, volcanic matter filled in & cooled as the planet continued to enlarge to its current size; causing the continental sections to spread further apart as the planet’s circumference increased.

The Earth’s expansion slowed as the internal pressures subsided & the crust sufficiently thickened as it cooled.

The bottom line is the Earth’s expansion is what broke apart & spread the continental sections of Earth’s original Pangaea crust which once covered the entire circumference of a much smaller Earth. After the crust sufficiently cooled and began to separate as the planet expanded in size, oceans began to fill the rifts between the continents as the escaping hot gases began to combine, cool & condense into liquid.

A truly different Pangaea from what we were taught. This is how I believe the original single continent Pangaea originated as a single crust which completely covered a much smaller Earth. It was the expansion of our planet caused by internal core pressures which broke apart that single crust into the continents. Continuing internal pressures causing global expansion forced the broken continental sections to spread further apart. Once the internal pressures diminished, the expansion of Earth’s circumference slowed to a stop, leaving the continents where you see them today. The only question which remains would be whether any infinitesimal expansion continues? It is likely that we would see immense numbers of volcanic eruptions if the internal pressures were high enough to further expand the earth. We may also find that the outer core of the planet interior is partially hollow from the pressures which expanded the planet & likely filled with gases & magma between the inner core & mantle.

This is the theory which I believe. I have never seen it elsewhere. Thus, any similarity to any other renditions of this theory would be by accidental chance. Our scientific community tends to have tunnel vision with their heads stuck in the ground. They also tend to eat their own anytime one breaks from the pack. So we are left with inaccurate, short-sighted theories they are reluctant  to change. Frankly, this version of Pangaea makes a lot more sense than the continents drifting for no reason on a planet which has always been the same size despite the formation from its original molten form.

The spherical shape of a planetary body also tells us it was molten or liquid when it formed since liquids assume a spherical shape in the weightless vacuum of space.

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I believe the actual gravitational fields are spiral in shape. Even magnetic fields are curved. Not straight lines. I believe gravity & electromagnetic fields are somehow related. I also believe gravity is generated by the orbit of a planet around a sun or a moon around a planet. The degree of gravity seems to be linked to the size of the body. For instance Mars is half the size of earth and half the gravity. The moon is 1/6th the size of earth and 1/6th the gravity.

I believe the spiral of a hurricane, tornado or drain is a lot more than the coriolis effect. Did you know that they have now decided that the water spinning in a drain is not due to the Coriolis affect, nor planet rotation & now insist there is no difference in drain rotation between northern & southern hemispheres. They now claim it is angular momentum. (aka: the increased speed of a figure skater spinning when they pull in their arms.) 

I disagree. Yes, angular momentum is involved but only where the rate of compression versus speed is involved. But that does not explain the spin.

Think of an airplane in a death spiral. They teach this in flight school. A pilot can be in a death spiral and not realize it. Especially at night or above clouds. They teach you to pay more attention to the altimeter and your wing level than the horizon & how to break out of a spiral. It is one of the most feared flight school procedures. Another example of spiral gravity fields. It is described under the physics heading, just this way "like a drain spiral". 

On a similar subject, a couple years ago I saw a dust devil form while waiting at a stop light. It was a perfectly clear, warm, windless day. The ground was damp. The dust devil vortex was invisible but I saw the spirals being torn through the tall grass in an open field. As it tore through the grass, pieces were pulled into this invisible dust devil which was about 15 ft high & only a couple feet wide on the ground. There wasn't any dust because of the wet dirt. I watched it for quite some time. It was still tearing thru the field when I had to leave. I would have liked to have inspected it more closely for a longer period. I was quite fascinated by it. However, the temperature was barely 60 & not warm enough per the conditions of hot ground air described as required to create one. Nor does it explain snow devils & water spouts.

The very best gravity theories come from Eric Sereda. He has a DVD called "Evidence". It is very dry with most of it showing him using a dry erase board to explain his theories. And the rest showing images of objects approaching the earth, making sudden 90 degree turns.  And how to exceed the speed of light. His theories also show that gravity fields are spiral in form. Images of electrons, pions and other atomic matter show them to be moving in spiral patterns as well. That not only validates the spiral shape of gravity fields, it also validates the galactic and universal vortex theories as well.

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Seti & space signals:

Seti is the biggest waste of money ever made. If you are traveling faster than light, why would you use radio signals to communicate? You would use lasers & faster than light projections. These would appear as temporary micro wormholes which would disappear when the signal was done. The laser signal would form so quickly it would be hard to detect. A laser signal would be aimed directly at the intended receiver & therefore could not be intercepted unless we were directly located within the path of the 2 points.

Even we humans use fiber optic laser light for our own communication signals at hyper speeds. Why would any alien society communicate with slow radio signals? Not to mention the fact that the higher the frequency, the shorter the range and the more power it requires to cover the same distance. For example, our old analog wireless mobile cell phone towers could be spaced 10 miles apart when using the old 800 Mhz frequency range. But the new digital cell systems which use 1-12 ghz frequencies (like your microwave oven), the towers must be placed 1.5 to 3 miles apart because the signal cannot travel as far at those high frequencies. Even worse, the more phones connected to a cell tower will shrink the coverage distance as the power is drained. Thus, a less effective frequency which requires 3 times as many cell towers plus multiple level signal Stacking to handle demand called 3G, 4G, etc. This just means they stacked multiple Antennas, transmission equip & frequencies to handle the growing demands of customers for connection speed and capacity. Thus, you need a phone designed to interface with the new stacked frequencies. That’s what your 3G, 4G phones actually give you in addition to expanded link capacity & new features. Why do they use this less effective higher frequency for the digital cell markets? Because the lower frequencies were full & out of space. Then the gov’t released these new ghz frequencies for bid in 1995 and the cell industry snapped up these shorter ranges because of the frequency capacities available.

What sensible alien society is going to be using a short range, ghz microwave frequency to contact their planet? The concept is downright absurd. If you travel faster than light, you are not going to be using slow radio frequencies to contact your planet. You would use lasers modified to transmit faster than light thru micro wormholes. It is clear that our scientific community is lacking basic common sense?

So why are we throwing money down the drain for Seti to monitor ghz radio Frequencies? Even if they changed to light monitoring, we couldn’t pick up an alien light signal transmission unless we were directly in the path. I see no common sense at play here and no one seems to notice.

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