How to "Successfully" Fight Oil Companies



A few words on how to fight fuel shortages... These oil shortages designed to jack up the rates and profits in the pockets of the oil companies. There is an easy way to fight this. You almost had the right method... but not quite. These designated "don't buy gasoline" days don't work. But there IS something similar that can work.

If everyone boycotted the same oil company and bought gas at the other brands... you could break the oil companies one at a time. This boycott should be continuous against the same oil company. Don't let up when they start to squeal. Make it hurt. Make their stock prices and profits fall through the floor. If you wanted to, once the oil stock value drops, the public could buy and own the company. The level of punishment is up to the public. The only criteria is that it must be properly coordinated. You have the power to run each oil company completely out of business OR you can get them on their knees and force them to drop prices and drop profits and change management. You need to get those car company execs and other crooks off of their boards of directors. The best part about this, is that once you get the public following the boycott plan, you can force agreements within these oil companies... and if they fail to comply with pricing... you can take them down permanently as a national force. You can also get the public in other companies to cooperate with these efforts for any oil company which you are targeting. 

Start with the largest ones such as Exxon or Chevron. Direct the public to buy gas anywhere except from their stations or subsidiaries of that one oil company. Be sure to research who they supply with gas & oil & boycott their customers as well which may be other brand gas companies. Do a full boycott of their income sources. Eventually they will have to break. Either get an agreement for reasonable gas rates or break them. Don't let their phony whining cause you to relent too soon. They will give you all kinds of crap about their costs... while they are funneling the money into offshore accounts... both corporate and private personal off shore accounts Then go to the next oil company and boycott their gas stations. You can break each oil company one at a time like this but the efforts must be coordinated to direct the efforts at the same oil company at the same time. In this manner, the public still gets the gasoline they need while breaking the death grip each oil company has on the public. Then the public can dictate to the oil companies... not the other way around. You would see the oil prices drop like never before. Any oil company that doesn't play ball would be locked out of all public sales. The public could then call the shots. A very simple solution. Easy to manage with the right coordination.

This method would actually work on any corporation.



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