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The first major axis shift in Dec 2004 killed over a quarter million people in the massive Tsunami from Africa to Indonesia. The second axis shift occurred in Dec 2006 and caused a misalignment of the global GPS satellite network. The actual shift was captured on a weather satellite. Several more shifts occurred in 2011, 2013, 2014, etc.

View the weather satellite images which captured the earth's axis shift in Dec 2006. 

A solar flare cover story was used to explain worldwide GPS satellite system failure, Dec 2006. A GPS failure was actually caused by a massive shift of the earth's axis which misaligned the entire system..


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Axis shift images Dec 6, 06
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NGDC (a division of NOAA) has stated that a solar flare of epic proportions occurred on Dec 5 & 6, 2006 and knocked down the world GPS satellite system. Yet, neither the solar flare or the GPS failure were mentioned until April 2007. It is virtually impossible to believe that none of the space agencies, observatories, astronomers, astrophysicists, meteorologists or other scientists mentioned a word about this  supposedly historic solar flare. Nor does any of the SOHO (NASA/ESA) data support this solar flare ever occurred. In fact, all images of the sun for those dates, have been removed from the SOHO website by NASA. Nor is this supposedly historic solar flare event mentioned on SOHO's list of major solar flares. 

Images and data provided herein, will show the solar flare story was not a genuine event. The story was developed through an international cooperation of scientists who met in April 2007 and released the solar flare story at the conclusion of their meeting.


Satellite Loops & Satellite still image

Watch the upper right corner of the satellite loop below. At 19:15 06 Dec 06 you will see the earth shift. You will also see another shift at 12:30 on Dec 04, 2006. In addition to the animations, still images have also been added to capture the moments.

If you are thinking it was just a simple glitch that caused the earth to jump off the template frame, you should also wonder why NASA & NOAA declared a historic solar flare trashed the entire GPS satellite system but all of the images of the sun have been deleted from the NASA, ESA & SOHO files. Consider all of the data, evidence & images as a whole; and read further about the GPS system failure and the elusive solar flare that ate it. 

From the evidence so far, it appears the change to the earth's axis occurred in more than one smaller axis shift rather than all at once. The most significant shifts being on Dec 4 & 6, 2006 since this was the period of time which the GPS system failed across the globe.

The animated weather satellite loop and still image below show the change of position of the earth on Dec 6, 2005 at 19:15Z. Be sure to watch the upper right corner of the animation to see the earth shift. 

These are the satellite images for Dec 4th 2006 when the shift occurred at 12:30 zulu. Watch the upper right corner of the animation. The "still" image of that shift is below the weather loop.

Below is the "STILL" image of the video showing the earth's actual shift.

Note the upper right corner has shifted away from the template. You can see the actual movement on the video above during this timeframe. This is what misaligned the GPS system.


Global GPS Failure

On Dec 6th, 2006 the world GPS system failed but this information was not made public until April 2007. Normally, something this big would be a major news story, but the 4 months of silence was more than telling. The news networks, military and phone companies all depend on GPS, so it was not a secret to  any of them but for 4 months, not a word was mentioned.

Upon the public announcement in April 2007, this GPS system failure was blamed on a solar flare of historic levels. You would have thought that NASA, NOAA and other solar monitoring agencies would have mentioned the solar flare as soon as it occurred, so a 4 month delay really makes this explanation suspect.  4 months would have provided time to correct the problems and develop a cover story  and to remove or insert correlating information to support the story. But how will they explain the fact that almost all data and images between Dec 1 and 12, 2006 are all missing?

Why would our government & space agencies lie about a solar flare and doctor images & records? Because something else knocked down the GPS system.

What else could screw up the GPS system? A shift of the earth's axis. We can see evidence that the axis has shifted but we did not know when... until now. In the recalibration of the weather satellites, they missed a frame on Dec 6th, 2006 which shows the shift occurred at 19:00 Zulu time and another frame on Dec 4, 2006 at 12:30 Zulu. These are the images shown above.

The most telling evidence that this solar flare never happened on Dec 5 & 6, 2006, is the conspicuous absence of solar data from the very organizations who monitor the sun, solar storms and any disturbances which could affect the earth. By going through the SOHO (NASA & ESA) images and charts, you will find that almost all images and chart data are missing for 12/5/06 and 12/6/06.  (Unless they have since backfilled it with fake images & data. Since I posted their deception  they have wasted hundreds of man-hours retroactively adding articles & date to support this deception.)

You would think that they would be showcasing the largest solar flare in recorded history? But not only are all of the images and monitoring data missing, but the event is not even recorded on their webpage which showcases the largest flares ever known. Just check these two webpages. Do you see any mention of the Dec 2006 historic flare mentioned? If there is, then they have added it after the fact to fill in a hole they left.

But they screwed up and missed some of the data and a few images they forgot to eradicate. Interestingly, as you may already suspect, the images and data they forgot to remove show a perfectly normal sun and typical levels of magnetic fields, protons, neutrons, x-rays, RF and other monitored levels which you can see for yourselves. I have collected all of that data on this website.

Solar Flare Cover Story

A solar flare of historical intensity, knocking down the global GPS satellite system..... if a flare of this intensity really occurred, it should have been the biggest story of Dec 5 & 6, 2006. But not a word about the flare or the GPS system was mentioned until a meeting of scientists in April 2007. They must have been burning the midnight oil to retroactively create the cover story evidence and recalibrate the GPS, weather satellite and other systems to correct for the axial shift which changed the position of all the satellite systems in relation to the earth. Let's take a look at the data:

Dec. 2006 SEC-NOAA Space Weather Alerts

NOAA Article:

On December 5th 2006 at 10:18 UT region 930 generated an X9 flare

Look closely at the 2006 flare image. It is altered & superimposed over the image like a flashlight which movie directors use for such space effects.  (check out the nuclear explosions on the film "Silent Running" which were created with a flashlight). Look at other genuine flare images. They are never perfectly round like this fake image. The original image is clearly visible behind the superimposed image.  Plus, they used a star-effect camera lens filter for the flashlight superimposure. None of the satellites have a star-effect filter which clearly shows this image to be a fraud. There is no record of this image on any solar monitoring or imaging system from SOHO, Nasa, Esa or any other agency. I copied every Solar image & data record for that time period & posted them on this website. None record the flare. In fact, most of the records for this timeline were deleted to prevent access to any evidence of the cover up. It was intended to conceal the axis shift, the real cause of the GPS failure by blaming it on a historic solar flare. But waited 5 months until after the international meeting of scientists to announce the flare. 

There is no way Nasa, Soho, Esa or anyone else would have kept quiet about such a historic Solar flare discovery for 5 months. Not to mention the damage which would have occurred to the ISS & every DOD, communications, TV & other satellites. Or the deaths of the ISS crew at the magnitude they claimed. Plus the effects on Earth. They waited until they removed most of the contradictory images & data  plus had time to write a GPS software to realign the system which became misaligned when the earth shifted and the satellites did not.  Then waited for the April 07 meeting to get the international scientists to back them up.  One week later, they bragged about this phony flare. They Nasa & NOAA have begun to back peddle and retroactively add false data to cover their hides since I have been posting their deception. I caught them in a lie & they are trying to dig their way out with false postdated manufactured info... & even went to the trouble to highlight the info. Here is their exact comment to make sure you don't miss their "new" addition years after the fact.  

The two most recent entries (Dec. 5, 2006; Sept. 7, 2005) are highlighted in red.

Nasa also endeavored to add this phony flare event to their flare articles in 2011, which is even more telling about their obvious manufactured attempts to extol the existence of their fake Dec 06 X9 flare  while completely omitting mention of the Sep 05 X17 flare. This clearly shows their intent was only to give credence to their fake flare cover-story.  Not to mention the fact that the X17 and even earlier X27 & X28 flares did not wreak such havoc as they suggested of the fake Dec 06 flare. 

NOAA also issued the Space weather alert 30 days after the fact & tried to post date it. NOAA is clearly in bed with Nasa on this issue. The only question is which one created the fake flare image.

I suppose they will now go back and rewrite their articles to include these other flares. They just don't have the cojones to admit to the lie. They would rather waste hundreds of man-hours backpedaling to cover up their hides whenever I expose them.  The entire point is the fake Dec 06 flare was used to cover up an axis shift which was the actual cause  of the GPS failure. It took them 5 months to create the cover story & gain the cooperation of the int'l scientific community.  No doubt they will also backfill all the solar imagery they deleted for those dates with more fake imagery of superimposed flashlights.

They truly have no shame. If they had gone to this much trouble handling the space shuttles, we would not have lost 2 crews to Nasa incompetence.

Compare the fake flashlight superimposed Dec 06 phony flare on the left using a "starburst effect filter" to a genuine 2003 flare image on the right.  Notice the use of a star-effect camera filter on the left. None of the solar imagers are equipped with star effect filters. These Earth camera filters contain hair thin wires to create the starburst effect.  The satellite imagers do not have these. A dead giveaway this was a faked image probably using a flashlight behind a diffuser like many pre-CGI film directors use for special space effects such as on the film "Silent Running" to simulate a nuclear explosion. Then this flashlight effect was superimposed over another image. The fake image came directly from the NOAA link above. The genuine image came from NASA of a flare in 2003.

fake flashlight flare Dec 06 obtained from NOAA articles which was clearly superimposed with  a flashlight & a star-effect lens filter which is non existent on any solar imagers  or satellites  Genuine flare 2003



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