Energy Shortages 

caused by polar Meltdown



As the polar ice melts, the sea levels will rise. The melting of landmass glaciers will raise sea levels. Just Greenland alone will raise the sea levels 27-29 ft. All of the ice meltdown at both poles will cause a 297 ft rise in sea levels. Equivalent to a 20 story building.

Most of the oil companies, oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines and gasoline processing plants are located on coastal areas. This will create a monumental impact on fuel and energy supplies.

With the additional loss of coastal lands and power facilities, fuel and electricity will both be severely impacted. If you include the millions of refugees moving inland, the power plants in those areas are not sufficient to provide power to such a dramatic increase in population density.

This is the time when home owners should be considering alternate solar and wind energy to run your homes. Once the seas start flooding and the evacuations begin... it will be too late to start. The products will become overly expensive and the demand will become so high that the waiting lists for products and installation will become astronomical. Only the wealthy.. the same ones who caused the pollution and pillaged the country into bankruptcy will be able to afford these luxuries.

The time to start is now. Just a few feet of sea level rise will wreak havoc upon coastal communities. The entire state of Florida would be flooded with very little sea level rise. Once the flooding starts, panic will set in.

You will need to consider what alternative energy you will need for your home and for your transportation before coastal flooding becomes significant. Even if you cannot afford it right now, start shopping around, check prices and save what money you can for these things.




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