Consequences of melting polar ice

Not what you might expect....


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Before the seas start to rise from the melting polar ice, we can expect more bizarre changes to the global weather. These changes are occurring today at an accelerated rate. According to scientists, reported on CNN Aug 2007, the arctic will be completely melted by 2020. This is only a few years from now and it does not mean it will start flooding in 2020...  a substantial increase in sea levels will begin within the next 4 years and will continue to increase to 297 ft above sea level. Some scientists believe the total meltdown will occur much sooner. The gov't is planning for a global catastrophe to occur between 2020 and 2026 based on their comments and behavior. Of course, this is just a SWAG on their part and mine... but the axis shift is coming soon and will include flooding. It will not take the melting of the entire south pole which acts as our gyroscopic anchor maintaining the tilt of the axis. We are already at the tipping point. It won't take much more melting for the planet to shift the rest of the way onto its side.

Don't let cooler weather fool you. This is a byproduct of melting ice and increased amounts of moisture in the air. 

Be sure to check the catastrophic global weather disasters during 2007 , 2008 & 2009. None of the news networks bothered to cover most of these events, but until you have seen these lists and reports for yourself, you will not believe the enormity of the situation.

According to scientist reports aired on CNN the first week of July 2008, we were looking at a total meltdown of the Arctic by Sept 2008 but since that ice is floating, it will not increase sea levels. It is the melting of the ice on land which will increase the sea levels to 297 ft. Just Greenland alone will increase the sea level by 27-29 ft.



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