Solar EIT 284 Images

SOHO EIT 284 Images for Dec 1 - 15   2006



These are the SOHO EIT 284 images of the sun for 2006. These are heavily filtered images of the surface of the sun. As with all the others. there are no images for Dec 1-12 or 14, 2006. Again, this is more than a conspicuous absence of solar images during the supposed historical solar flare on Dec 5 & 6.  In each instance the images for those dates are missing. The lack of any images for this period clearly substantiates that the historic flare was nothing more than a cover story. 


No solar activity of any consequence. You may note that they went to the trouble of blocking a small patch on the surface of the sun for Dec 15 at 07:06 zulu. The only reason to insert a patch is to hide something they do not want the public to see. This has been done on a variety of images. 

Dec 13  00:21 Dec 13  14:24 Dec 15  07:06 Dec 15   19:06


Courtesy SOHO (a NASA - ESA Solar monitoring entity) & your American Tax dollars which pay for their organizations 



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