Solar EIT 171 Images


SOHO EIT 171 Images for Dec 1 - 15 2006


These are the SOHO EIT 171 images of the sun for 2006. This is a heavily filtered image of the sun. As with all the others. there are no images for Dec 1-12. Again, this is a more than a conspicuous absence of solar images during the supposed historical solar flare on Dec 5 & 6.  In each instance the images on those dates are missing and clearly substantiates that the historic flare was nothing more than a cover story.


No solar activity of any consequence. You may note that they have purposely blocked off most of the image and even went to the trouble to add a second small patch. They do this anytime they don't want the public to see something, but you can see the streak coming in from the lower left. A streak caused by a moving object which they did not want you to see.

Dec 13 Dec 14 Dec 15


Courtesy SOHO (a NASA - ESA Solar monitoring entity) & your American Tax dollars which pay for their organizations 



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