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Nuclear Dangers
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Surviving Nuclear Emergencies
Surviving Catastrophic Disasters


Nuclear Dangers:                                                                                    Return to top

The type & severity of the disaster will dictate the type of supplies & preparation required. NBC is a nuclear, biological or chemical event which is usually the result of war or terrorism attack.  While these are rare and would typically occur at a military target  during a war or as an act of  violence in a Major metro area or  other  target. The most likely scenario would be an accident such as the March 2011 Tsunami in Japan  which damaged the reactors at a nuclear plant. If you live downwind from a nuclear reactor, chemical plant, biological plant, military base, gas pipeline, industrial complex or a railway or highly used to transport such items; you would be at a higher risk of an NBC accident. If you live within 150 miles of the largest metropolitan areas or nuclear plant or any nuclear reactor (which are located in a vast array of private institutions such as universities, medical labs, weapons plants, military bases, Navy ships, submarines, barges & shipyards and ship graveyards where they leave them for decades because they are literally too hot to handle. Where do they put the old aircraft carrier reactors which they cut out  of the ship deck & replace every 15 years? These are the dangers of nuclear reactors. Even when nothing bad happens, they are too radioactive & too deadly to get rid of. Even the spent fuel rods must lay in cooling pools or a special sarcophagus. Plutonium catches fire when exposed to water such as Japan. Too deadly to handle. Unfortunately, the idiots who purchase these plants never have to personally deal with these deadly reactors & fuel rods.

Reactors are not limited to power plants, but also private reactors in places like LANL, Sandia, Livermore labs, buried contaminated areas like Washington along the Columbia River project, Kerr McGee in OK, Los Alamos, Yucca Mountain, white sands, Savannah River, NJ, Chicago, Los Alamos, Nevada Test Site, Marshall islands, Hospitals, Oak Ridge, TN... just to name a few. Remember the Galveston Hurricane a few years ago & how they brought in the troops  from San Antonio but didn't use them for rescues? They were only there to protect the 3 private reactors which were hit by the hurricane. Not to help the public. They didn't even bring food for the Soldiers which was only about 150 miles away in San Antonio. The governor asked the public in Houston who had also been hit & flooded to donate food for the soldiers despite the 5 military bases just 3 hours away. Their only care were those reactors not the victims. Makes you wonder if  these reactors were damaged like Japans. Our gov't certainly would not tell you about it & would leave you to be exposed. The news media didn't know what was going on since they were all "escorted" by military in helicopters who did not give them a choice on where or what they could see. The entire area was cleared  of all civilians & rescue personnel within hours & no one was allowed to search for victims.  

All it takes to have a Japan type reactor accident is to lose the power for the generators which circulate the water to cool the reactors & spent fuel rod pools. A really ironic joke. A power plant that must have external power if the reactors are in trouble. Floods & hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes damage these generators, power lines & the reactors & rod pools  begin to overheat. Hydrogen is produced and fills the containment building which explodes and blows the roof off the building exposing the pools & reactors. This also destroyed all the cooling water pipes & cracks the pools. They start pouring water on the entire mess which dumps tons of radioactive steam & particles (fallout) into the air & radioactive water into the ground & ocean (lakes, rivers, water tables, etc). If they were ignorant enough to use plutonium fuel rods instead of Uranium like one of the 4 damaged Japan reactors, the plutonium caught fire & added deadly smoke & high levels of deadly burning plutonium fallout ash into the upper atmosphere. Remember the Chernobyl fires? It only takes one microscopic particle of plutonium to be inhaled or ingested to cause deadly cancer. Not to mention strontium in milk from cows eating contaminated grass such as California. But our gov't, the same ones who handled Katrina had their puppet news anchors & journalists tell everyone it was safe & anyone who raised concerns was a paranoid to be laughed at. No nuclear expert in the US would dare say anything negative if they liked their jobs. One expert in Berlin did but he was immediately silenced by our media & by pressures from our gov't.

So I wonder how far the reactors in south Texas were damaged during the Galveston Hurricane a few years ago?

Hence, I highly recommend the purchase of a Geiger counter because we received fallout from Japan which they made light of on the news. California got the most but the jet stream carried it across the country & over Iceland & then Europe. So you don't have to live next door to a reactor to be endangered. Remember how they killed the reindeer & sheep in Scandinavia after eating grass tainted by Chernobyl? Not us. Our country makes a joke & feeds us the food, milk & meat contaminated by Japan. Our nuclear industry building projects and food industry's profits & reputations are much more important than our citizens welfare. It is too bad our Medicare coverage does not apply outside of our country, otherwise there are a few of us who would live elsewhere. 

Another example of our honesty to our citizens: When Conoco's Oklahoma gasoline plant & several gasoline storage tanks were burning around 2003, I saw it once on MSNBC before they pulled the story & called my relatives who live just blocks away & none of the town had been notified including the ones living across the street from the fire. It seems the Mayor & conoco didn't want to give their only major employer a bad reputation so they blacked out the news while everyone was unknowingly breathing the toxic smoke & dangers of explosions. Nearly everyone living there develops cancer. Conoco poured so much toxins in the ground & into 10 acre pools that it saturated & bubbled up under hundreds of homes on the south side which Conoco had to buy Cheap & tear them down. All the trees were dying, water table contaminated and more homes still contaminated. But you can buy houses cheap for under 10K. Some as low as 2K. No kidding.

I could also tell you about hundreds of cases of Leukemia from people who live within 5 miles of 3 mile island. I could see the nuclear plant from their yard. My friends who died from leukemia in 1990 said there were 40 cases of Leukemia just within 2 blocks of their house. I read where hundreds of victims were paid by the company which owned those reactors on 3 mile island, but only after signing an agreement not to tell anyone about their cancer. Things like this occur all over the world where US Companies contaminate & lie to everyone. India, Mexico, US & Canada are all victims of Monsanto. Europe banned them as did Mexico. They really have to be bad to be banned by Mexico. There are some DVD's about Monsanto & Food you should see. Especially their Bovine hormones in our milk & genetically modified corn & soy in addition to Roundup weed Killer in everything we eat. They call this corn & soy "Roundup Ready" (which company they also own) & try to claim the weed killer in our food is harmless.

If the Japanese reactors had been damaged in the US instead of Japan, then we would have never known about the radiation spewing in the air & water runoff into the sea. Our country would never risk any corporate profits over the welfare of our citizens. Sadly, I can remember when we used to accuse Russia of feeding propaganda to their citizens. The shoes on the other foot now.

Don't expect help from the Gov't:                                                     Return to top
I can assure you from personal experience as a former member of an emergency management agency for one of the top 5 largest Metro areas in the US, that you will be on your own in any disaster situation. The  authorities do not plan to help with rescues, food, water, medical or any other necessity which the victims may need. They (the authorities) will deploy troops & law enforcement to cordon off the city perimeter within an hour. Anyone left behind will be corralled into arenas under guard by troops without food, water medicine or necessities. The troops will go door to door to root out anyone hiding in their homes to ensure they have everyone corralled under armed guard. So be aware of this if you plan to remain in your home. They have scanners which can see through brick to reveal inhabitants & highly sensitive devices to detect sound.  So if you plan to stay, you would need an underground shelter with a thoroughly hidden undetectable entrance. You would need to hide your air intake & be able to surreptitiously monitor the area for the presence of troops or thieves looking for valuables & supplies. You would need to shut off your power & all devices to avoid detection by the troops when they are nearby. Also be aware that your exit could become blocked if your building is damaged or flooded if near a water source. A damaged water main could be enough to flood your shelter.  You should have redundant sources for air & ideally, a second exit.

All communications will be cut off by authorities except 911 access which will be overloaded. I've known this for  many years. It was my job to disable all the public cell phones. It takes 5 minutes to do this with a simple computer command. All of the phone companies will do the same. Only the authorities will have cell service & satellite phones. FEMA will be in charge of everything; the troops, the communications, the media, the services & all activities.  They will disable all communication & radio frequencies except their own. They can also conscript civilians into work gangs against their will. This is all spelled out in the executive orders.

The Red Cross is in FEMA's pocket. They are not the beneficial group they were once believed to be. They are a political arm of FEMA & have a separate division controls the nations blood banks. If you had attended these emergency Management meetings as I did for 2 years, you would also know just how rotten hearted and dark their (FEMA & the Red Cross) intentions truly are. 

Do not donate to them. The victims will never benefit from it. Donate to independent local agencies  with respectable reputations providing aid for along time prior to the onset of the catastrophe; after you have verified their legitimacy and confirmed you are dealing with an authorized representative. FEMA, Red Cross, Ma Bell, 911 services & all city service  groups & emergency management attended these monthly or bimonthly  emergency management meetings. FEMA was the overlord with the Red Cross in their pocket and the puppet Emergency Services Manager at the other end of the table. If you have any doubts, go back & read the actual events during Katrina. Especially their behavior at St Bernard Parish where FEMA actually tore down their Emergency Services Antenna in the wee hours of  the night to deliberately isolate the Parish & prevent the public from learning how victims & hospital patients were purposely left to die. 

FEMA rejected the truckloads of supplies sent by Walmart.  FEMA also sent ice trucks on nonsensical trips to nowhere; locked up a fleet of donated hover boats. Refused to distribute food, water, medicine, medical care, necessities or satellite phones to local emergency service managers or mount rescues. They prevented anyone else from mounting rescues either. Most of the "looting" were victims looking for pampers, baby food, medicines, food, beverages, clothes and shoes to wear since they were not getting help elsewhere. The items they took were in flooded stores which would have disposed of their flooded merchandise then rebuilt & restocked with insurance & gov't aid. The inventories of those flooded stores were no longer sellable & were the only source of necessities for  stranded victims (except for such looting as jewelry & valuables by the criminal element which is never acceptable) 

Most of the victims homes were under water & they had nothing left for their children or themselves. Most of the items they took from flooded stores would have been dumped anyway. Those victims who went to the centers & arenas for help were held captive by troops at gunpoint without food, water, medicines, necessities or help of any kind for them or their children or the disabled. The news cameras managed to gain access & show us their wretched situation & the armed troops preventing anyone from leaving the arenas or the city, for that matter. Held for over 2 weeks by troops at gunpoint in atrocious conditions without any sustenance whatsoever & not allowed to leave. This was all on the news from journalists who were there while these atrocities occurred. There were also the patients dying in the hospitals while FEMA & Red Cross & national guard refused to send help. There was no excuse. The national guard could have easily placed snipers on rooftops with infrared sensors & cleared the entire area; then removed the patients from the roof by helicopter baskets. I've seen this on other hurricanes & flooding disasters such as Wilkes-Barre, PA in the 1972 Hurricane Agnes flooding. FEMA also provided thousands of mobile homes for the Agnes victims for over 5 years.  

They provided nothing for Katrina despite all of the abandoned military bases with more than ample available barracks with easily restored utilities  or the storage of thousands of mobile homes similar to those used for Agnes victims. We saw acres of these unoccupied trailers on the news expose. We also saw acres of warehouses filled to the brim with brand new & donated supplies for victims. Our populace is quite generous to victims, yet none of it reached the victims. Only after Texas sent buses to rescue them & set up centers like the astrodome or hotel & apartment vouchers to provide lodging, food & clothes did they receive any help whatsoever. Otherwise, they were literally being held hostage without food or necessities in filthy conditions and dying by the droves. These victims were families, children, babies, disabled & elderly.

When I attended these emergency management meetings in the city where I resided; a few years prior to Katrina; I asked about food & supplies for victims and they thought it was a joke. Only the 911 manager & I were disturbed by this. Therefore, if you don't get out of the metro area or at least a 100 miles or farther from ground zero, within the first hour, you wont be leaving. Ever!  Take the back roads which will be the last to be blocked & less traffic.

If you doubt this, remember Katrina, the Auditorium & hospitals & St Bernard Parish. How the Red Cross & FEMA set up in Baton Rouge over 75 miles away from the New Orleans victims &  the head of the Red cross stated on TV that any victims would have to come to them  if they wanted help. The victims were all contained in the city at gunpoint and had no transportation even if they had been able to escape the troops. The cars were all under water. Even the Red Cross water distribution centers in Mississippi were set up 15-20 miles away from the victims who had no transportation since their cars were also lost in the floods. 

Only after the US citizens had reached the boiling point & were ready to mount a rescue en masse, did the Gov of Texas send buses to rescue the starving New Orleans victims from their  convention center prison. You can also be assured that the death toll declared was only 1/10th the actual numbers. Many were still dying even after their rescues but they were spread across the country with no way to learn the fate of their families.

Keep in mind that every city has disabled & elderly who cannot see or walk or drive. As well as thousands who are too poor, disabled or elderly to have a car or transportation. There were hundreds of school buses which could have evacuated the victims which were left to be flooded. Thousands of people, organizations & businesses volunteered & sent supplies which FEMA rejected. I suspect many of those supplies ended up in the gov'ts underground city in Denver  for their personal use. This wasn't just the doing of Mr Brown. I can tell you from personal experience that this was all planned years before he was ever in the picture. Just read the Presidential Executive orders granting FEMA & the Red cross their powers. As to why they are purposely leaving people to die, I can only imagine they have decided to thin out the population. Just imagine what will happen when a larger catastrophe strikes.

If you think this was the fault of an incompetent FEMA manager, read the Presidential executive orders & the powers given to FEMA. Once a governor signs an emergency request for FEMA; that governor has handed over all their power & control of the State to FEMA. They are no longer governor except in name only. This is why the former President's own brother Gov of Florida, refused FEMA help for their subsequent hurricane. He knew better  than to give any control to FEMA. Florida managed their own rescues & aid. But FEMA tried to make the  Louisiana governor look weak & indecisive when she hesitated to sign away her powers. The people were being led like cattle by a ring through their noses with propaganda. No one had believed me when I told them about FEMA & the emergency management agencies until they saw it for themselves during Katrina. Everything I had warned about came true. But even I was shocked. Although, I had expected this response during an act of terror or attack, I never thought they would dare do this for a natural disaster like a hurricane with the world watching. Since most people have likely forgotten these events, it gives the authorities clear license to do it again. Remember, those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to relive it.

So just imagine what you can expect during a major catastrophe. You are not only on your own but you will need to escape the clutches of FEMA & the national guard as well  if you remain in the devastated area. They are also prepared to bring in troops from Mexico who have no qualms about following these orders to corral and leave victims to die. 

Remember the one solitary helicopter saving victims on roofs? They were court-martialed for being AWOL. The doctors who volunteered at the airport were told to sweep floors & not allowed to attend to the thousands of victims dying on the floor.  Never forget these things.

Biological or chemical Hazard event (nuclear listed separately):    Return to top
  •  Leave area immediately if you are at outer perimeter of toxins
  •  Cover all exposed skin & protect eyes from exposure
  •  Do not inhale the contaminants
  •  Use positive pressure filtered hood or gas mask
  •  Use wet cloth to breathe if no protection available
  •  If Biological or chemical use BC chem suit 
  •  BC suits & gas masks can be bought at Army Surplus stores
  •  Filtered lab hoods can be bought online
  •  Wear Paper lab suit coveralls over the chem suit if available
  •  Wear gloves, boots with head & face coverings
  •  Duct tape sleeves, pants & seal any entry point for contaminants
  •  Wear densest material possible in layers to cover all skin if no protection suits
  •  Wear goggles or hood or glasses with duct tape
  •  Plastic sheeting, vinyl raincoats, trashbags can be used to protect from B & C
  •  Even clear plastic in trash or clear food wraps can be taped to face to protect eyes
  •  Trash bags to protect head & create coverings.
  •  Keep mouth closed. Do not eat or drink.
  •  Duct tape & plastic sheeting can be used to block contaminants
  •  seal all points of entry on clothes, protection, room, vehicle
  •  If in car; Close Car air vents. Turn off blower, heat & air, seal windows
  •  Turn off all heat & air systems; seal windows if in building
  •  Get away from toxic ground zero & area using the fastest method possible
  •  Use back roads to fastest route 100 miles from toxin source
  •  All major roads will be blocked in 45-60 minutes 
  •  Anyone inside perimeter will be corralled & expendable
  •  Remember that no help will come to rescue
  •  You will be left for dead like Hospitals in Katrina
  •  If biological contaminant, they will shoot to kill anyone on sight
  • If trapped at work & Toxin concentration levels prohibit escape:
  • (protect skin & eyes & breath as above)
  • Go to top floor if toxins remain low to ground & you are in tall building
  • Go to highest internal point if in multistory building (unless there is a fire)
  • Do not get trapped above a fire
  • Gather supplies to take with you & purse, wallet, phone, computer
  • Remove all food from vending machine, seal in trashbag 
  • Gather all water machines bottles, spares, sealed beverages
  • Gather all toilet paper, paper towels, scissors tape, knives
  • A strong flat screwdriver would be most helpful to pry open locked doors 
  • & remove hinge pins
  • Gather trashbags, plastic sheeting, duct tape, batteries, coats, radios, 
  • cell phones, medicine kits, check reception or office manager desk for building keys, 
  • trash cans, rope, twine, elect cords, phone chargers, bungee cords, dollies, boxes  
  • check utility & janitors closets for trashbags & supplies
  • check desks for medicines, kitchen for utensils, towels, food, drinks, 
  • check all closets & pantries for supplies, fire extinguishers, cushions
  • Bathrooms are good safe rooms. Use couch & cushions for bed.
  • When in safe room, seal doors with tape & plastic
  • Thoroughly wash your skin & rinse your eyes of any contaminants
  • replace any contaminated garments & seal them in plastic bags
  • FEMA will block cell phones land lines, TV & radios  except 911 which will be overloaded
  • Try to find radio station out of state on AM
  • Older Bell phone offices, libraries & courthouse have bomb shelters & showers
  • City Hall & Courthouses of Major metros have tunnel systems 
  • Avoid Jails & nat'l guard, local police & FEMA unless you like being corralled without sustenance
  • Remember the victims of Katrina held under guard starving in the arena
  • Don't expect the gov't to help you
  • FEMA has holding compounds in every county & cattle RR cars for prisoners

Nuclear Events (attacks, accidents, etc):                                                 Return to top
  •  Immediately leave area as fast & far as possible
  •  Demron suits to protect from gamma radiation can be bought online quite reasonable
  •  Lab hoods with positive air filters like the CDC can be bought online
  •  Geiger counters, Rad badges & digital RAD detectors can be bought online at Amazon
  •  Iodine tablets can be bought online.
  •  If you are subjected to radiation, immediately take Iodine tablets to protect your thyroid
  •  Protect your skin & eyes from exposure.  Do not inhale particles
  •  Wear filtered breathing masks. Wet cloth if nothing else
  •  lead aprons from hospitals or dentists could be used for gamma radiation blocking
  •  Protect skin from alpha with layers of clothes.
  •  Go to lowest point below ground or densest walled room in center of structure. 
  •  The thicker the better. Bathrooms, elevator shafts, basements, generator rooms
  •  Stairwells, power rooms, vaults, X ray rooms
  •  Old Ma Bell phone offices have 3ft thick concrete floors, Showers & supplies in basements
  •  Old public library basements or Court House basements. Some City hall basements
  •  Bank vaults, hospital basements or any former CD shelter building
  •  A deep subbasement with cinderblock walls are best
  •  Plastic & duct tape will not block radiation
  •  Plastic & duct tape can block airborne particles
  •  Do not allow entry of anyone exposed to particles
  •  Particles will contaminate the room & air
  •  Only thorough scrubbing & Showers will remove exterior particles.
  •  Scrubbing should be done in a hallway or other room outside of chosen shelter
  •  Scrub anyone contaminated before allowing entry
  •  Remove contaminated garments & scrub in showers before allowing entry
  •  If person is internally exposed they could be a danger
  •  Follow instructions for Bio Chem on gathering food items, water, tools, clothes, cushions
  •  All items must be free of any fallout particles
  •  You could be trapped for months so it is best to escape if possible

 Surviving Catastrophic Disasters:                                                 Return to top
If the Earth loses power & Industry, you will be completely on your own. There wont be food, water, power, fuel, medicines, transportation or supplies. Such an event could also occur regionally but you would have the alternative of traveling to another region & staying in hotels or with relatives or remaining using donated supplies. But a global or national event would eliminate all help or options. If you cannot remain in your home, you may have to evacuate to another state, region or country & will need supplies to survive enroute. If the entire infrastructure collapses, paper money will become worthless. Gold, jewels, food, weapons & ammunition will become valuable commodities. Central America or Rocky Mountains are potential places to start over.

I recommend obtaining survival books & guides on natural medicines & medical treatments, how to identify plants, roots & poisonous plants. Books on identifying dangerous reptiles & insects. Books on how to live by rustic methods. A well stocked medical kit, camping gear, weapons & ample ammunition for protection against hordes of roaming thieves.

Containers of non GMO seeds for such disasters can be bought & stored until needed. You will need emergency foods for a year until your gardens can be grown. Do not forget the importance of sugar, salt & flour.

Collect survival supplies to keep in your readiness bags. Candles, lanterns, flashlight, Swiss army knife, pliers, tool kit, Bowie knives, compass, solar radio, solar power chargers, propane tanks, camping toilets, showers, water purifier, bottled water, salt, sugar, batteries, weapons, ammunition, food rations, powdered beverages, sleeping bags, cooking utensils for campfire cooking, lighter, matches, tents, rubber raft, fishing gear, camping clothes, hat, medical kit, medicine for poison ivy, snakebites, aspirin, benadryl, Imodium, Iodine, antibiotics, peroxide, sublingual nitro spray, disinfectants, bandages, ointments, mosquito repellent, new 5 gallon water cans & 5 gallon fuel cans. Keep several on hand to store & transport water & fuel. Binoculars, gloves, boots, rain gear, saw, hatchet, axe, sun block, eating utensils, plates, cups

For long term survival, the basics must be attended. Water from a well or a cistern catch system and tanks, rain, lake, river, dew, cactus. Boil all water for several minutes to kill bacteria & parasites.

Chickens provide eggs & meat. Save the feathers for future bedding. A dairy cow would provide milk & butter for an entire block of neighbors. Horses for transportation, plowing, hauling, pulling, etc. Use grills for cooking. Wood heat. I have other things like night vision, cooling fans, portable generators. 

Solar panel power system, wind power, solar water heating & tank. Septic systems. Gardens. Orchards, nut Trees, fruit vines, etc. You will need ice chests to save winter ice & keep your foods cool.

However, safety & security will be a primary concern. The have-not's will be out killing & robbing those who have Supplies. It will be never ending; so a neighborhood protection group would be helpful with primitive alarm systems & fencing. Even better if you are remote & can block off entire roads. Guard dogs would also be helpful. A safe place to hide from attack.

But it would be much like your ancestors lived in the 1700's. Except we don't have their experience. Some of the Energy cost reduction ideas would also be applicable.

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