Government Cover-up



Why has no one mentioned the shift of the Earth's Axis? Surely they would tell the public if something this major had occurred. Surely the scientists or meteorologists would have said something? Surely the media would have mentioned this? 

Wrong!!!!    Global Panic!  Economic Meltdown! Panic Hording!

The largest shift occurred on Dec 2004. The Indonesian Tsunami which killed a quarter million people.

Another shift occurred on Dec 4 & 6, 2006 which misaligned the entire GPS system. SOHO (NASA/ESA) & NOAA claim there was a historic solar flare on Dec 5 & 6, 2006. Supposedly the largest in recorded history. They also claimed that this flare knocked down the world GPS satellite system. Yet, they did not announce this to the public until after all global scientists met in April 2007 (over 4 months later). Quite a delay for such a "historic solar Flare"... especially since no flare occurred and it was a cover story to explain the GPS error.

There are no solar images for Dec 5 or 6, 2006. The dozens of solar images recorded daily and some twice hourly are all missing on the very dates they claim this historic flare occurred. 

#1  If this had indeed been a solar flare of historic proportions, NASA, SOHO, NOAA, & NWS would have been bragging about the data. They certainly would not have removed the images of this event... and oddly enough, their webpage of historic solar flares does not list these dates either. Click here to see that page.

#2 Check out the menu of NASA's (SOHO) solar images. Those dates are missing from every solar monitoring imager. Click here to see that page.

#3 The weather satellites caught the slippage and NWS & NOAA missed those frames when they had to recalibrate the images to fit back on the templates. Click here to see that page.

#4 They missed removing one of the solar emission data charts for those dates which show from all the readings that no significant event occurred on those dates. Click here to see that chart.

The silence is deafening

Meteorologists, Media CEO's, astronomers, astrophysicists and other experts worldwide seem to have been silenced. A common gov't control procedure in wartime or cataclysmic situations with severe penalties for those who fail to comply... Threats of Gitmo or being discredited & unemployed would be persuasive. Remember what happened to Bob Lazar for revealing Area 51 secrets? The gov't destroyed him. 

In the meteorological field, we have already seen the retirement of one NOAA director and now his replacement is being suspended and punished for being a whistleblower and for telling the Senate and Congress about the weather satellite which is about on its last legs. But it would be a handy excuse for the gov't to keep this a secret if one or more of the weather satellites stopped working.

Have you noticed how the meteorologists on TV are now trying to focus on "The best weather in America?" Or how they seem to avoid mentioning the unusual weather? Did you know that none of the meteorologists on TV are allowed to declare a tornado warning or any other severe weather warning unless the National Weather Service issues the warning first? There was a meteorologist in Little Rock, Arkansas a few years ago who saw a tornado coming on the Doppler radar. The NWS refused to issue a Tornado warning. So he took it upon himself to contact the City officials to set off the tornado sirens and contacted the local airport to reroute planes. Although this local TV meteorologist saved a lot of people, the NWS was going to revoke his license for issuing a Tornado warning without their approval. So all of the weather experts are at the mercy of the National Weather Service. Without their licenses, they cannot continue in their jobs. A good reason as to why they are all so quiet.

Did you also notice how Bush ordered the NWS and NOAA to change the criteria for tornado and hurricane categories after Katrina in 2005 so the public would think the severity of the tornadoes and hurricanes had decreased? Now they have covered up the fact that the criteria was ever changed.

The gov't successfully persuaded thousands of workers & scientists to keep their silence when building the A-bomb in the 1940's, so let that be an example of how it is possible to silence an entire industry of tens of thousands, if needed.



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