Alternating Weather Patterns



Are you wondering why we have been experiencing bizarre hot, cold, hot again weather patterns which change each week during the Spring? This is due to the Spiral shaped weather systems which have been centered over the US during the Spring months since the Axis shifted. The spiral shape of the weather pattern, similar in appearance to a hurricane, scoops up cold weather from the north and hot weather from the south and pulls it inward over the central US as it spins & causes our weather to alternate between hot and cold on a weekly basis.  You may also notice the alternating overcast & clear days as this weather pattern rotates. 

See Image Below

Normally, you would see these  spiral weather patterns generated off the coast of west Africa as tropical weather systems which become hurricanes and tropical storms  that move toward the Caribbean & US. But since we are now 2000 miles farther south in the summer, which places us in this tropical latitude, we are now seeing these patterns over the US. 

Prior to the shift, we had a jet stream across the US controlling the weather. Now we have a giant spiral weather pattern since the axis shift occurred and the Jet stream is now dipping down into Central America. Those of us who have been around for a few decades remember that the jet stream has never before behaved as it does now... nor have we ever seen spiral weather patterns which are normally reserved for the tropical latitudes to produce hurricanes. But now that we have shifted down to those tropical latitudes... we are also experiencing the formations of those spiral weather patterns.

You can view my  weather satellite imagery  to see more of these spiral weather patterns over the US. 




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