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Updated Sep 18, 2017

Overview of Earth's axis shifts since 2004

  • The earth's axis underwent a significant shift in Dec 2004

  • It was the shifting of the Earth's axis which caused the Indonesian Tsunami which killed a quarter million people in 2004

  • The earthquake came after the shift which caused the quake and tsunami

  • The governments have been concealing the axis shifts until recently

  • The axis shift is one of many subjects Classified Top Secret by the world governments.

  • Since 2004, the sun has been rising & setting "NORTH" of the US in the month of June

  • The sun should never be farther north than the Tropic of Cancer on June 21st, the summer solstice.

  • The original Tropic of Cancer is located in Mid Mexico, Egypt, India, Myanmar & China. It has shifted nearly 1000 miles north & continues to change

  • The inverse is true for the southern Hemisphere which should never be farther south than the Tropic of Capricorn on Dec 21st solstice "Shortest day" (located in mid Paraguay, Australia & Botswana)

  • The fact that the sun is south of Africa & Australia in December proves this is an axis shift. Not a crust shift.

  • If the crust had shifted, the sun would be too far north of the Tropic of Capricorn in winter. Not too far south 

  • Our gov't has built a huge shelter under Denver for the entitled

  • Maglev Train Tunnels connect all  major USAF bases & key metros

  • The tunnels can be tracked by following records of quakes below 4.0 occurring in a  successive series of  progressing dates.

  • The North tunnel to connect GW Bush  to Denver began west of  his Dallas home in Dec 2008 & was tunneled north about 30 miles per month

  • The West tunnel to connect GW Bush Taos & Nellis was  located in Irving TX in Oct 2015.

  • These are secondary tunnels. 

  • There are preexisting primary tunnels bored over the last 3 decades for the old underground electric train system.

  • There is a north tunnel from Taos to Peterson AFB, Norad & Denver.  Most tunnels now have secondary maglev tunnels & bypasses in case of collapse.

  • Taos had an underground turntable for the old electric train system preceding the Maglev trains. This caused the  infamous "Taos Hum"

  • The gov't has No plans to warn or rescue public from catastrophes

  • During Hurricane Harvey in Houston, despite hundreds of millions in donations, Red Cross & FEMA continued  to demand local businesses & residents provide food, water, supplies, clothes,  volunteers, rescues, boats, cots & shelters. Yet, they didn't hesitate to take credit.  

  • Exactly what did Red Cross & FEMA do with the money?

  • I used to work with them in the 90's. They stole the money & supplies from Houston & planned no rescues or supplies. Just corral, isolate & contain victims like Katrina with no food or supplies was their disaster plan

  • Earth's Axis will shift planet to horizontal position like Uranus

  • Gov't is preparing for a major disaster to occur between 2020 & 2026

  • 2026 was supposedly an asteroid impact

  • 2020 predicts global shortages of water, food, metals & necessities

  • Somewhere between 2020 & 2026 estimated the final axis shift

  • Massive tidal waves could flood entire continents  as happened eons past when the 5th planet was destroyed, shifting the orbits of Earth & Mars.

  • Prepare Disaster Planning & ready kits. Do not count on gov't help.


  • Documented Axis Shifts (2004, 2006, 2011, 2013)
  • The south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor to balance earth's axis

  • Melting South pole ice alters planetary balance

  • Causing rising sea levels, increased humidity

  • Increased ice evaporation = increased precipitation

  • Hotter summers; Colder winters

  • Bizarre Global Weather & violent storms

  • Record breaking blizzards and Geocanes (Spinning storms over the Central US like land based Hurricanes)

  • Increased catastrophic storms

  • Increased seismic & volcanic activity

  • Changes in Animal migration & behavior

  • Changes in plants & trees

  • The sun is rising & setting to the North of the US in June

  • The sun is rising & setting to the south of Australia & Africa in December.

  • The sun should never be farther north of the Tropic of Cancer

  • The sun should never be farther south than the Tropic of Capricorn

  • The Summer Solstice "Longest Day" is June 21st

  • The Winter Solstice "shortest Day" is Dec 21st

  • The Equinox is when the sun is directly over the Equator in Mar 21st and Sept 23rd.

  • The equinoxes are not altered by the axis shift due to the orientation with the sun

  • See Wikipedia for precise Equinox variables.





Increase in total global earthquakes per year


1973 @   5,000 per year

1983 @ 10,000 per year

1993 @ 20,000 per year

2003 @ 30,000 per year

2013 @ 92,008 per year

2013 had more than double the annual EQ total rate of 40,000 anticipated


Data Source

This graph represents the increase in numbers of global earthquakes between 1973 and 2007. Data obtained from USGS. Data after 2008 eliminated events below 3.0, therefore  post 2008 EQ's were not included in the chart. However, those complete totals  for all EQ's after 2008 were found on IRIS & the USGS archives and are listed separately above.

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* Dec 2004 Indonesian tsunami killed over 280,000. The 9.3 earthquake  & Tsunami were due to a major shift of the Earth's axis. Not by earthquakes.


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* Over 70 crew of USS Ronald Reagan suffered severe radiation  cancers after 2011 when Fukushima nuclear reactors spewed fallout & toxic water on carrier. Radiation hundreds of times above safe levels for over 2 days.  Gov't & Navy  denied  VA. Crew lost lawsuit.  

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Notes & comments:
  • The gov't can't hide the changes in the position of the sun. You can verify the position of the sun with your own eyes during the month of June in the US and Northern Hemisphere. You can see the sun is now rising and setting to the "NORTH" during that month. At no time should the sun ever be north of the Tropic of Cancer which is located in mid Mexico. The sun is currently more than @850 miles farther north in the summer; & an equal amount farther south in the winter. The distance varies each year due to the random axis shifts..Hence severe winters & harsh summers & violent storms. Increased humidity and precipitation from polar ice melting. The south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains the balance of our axis angle. The more it melts, the more the axis slips until it reaches the tipping point and we shift onto our side horizontally like Uranus. There is not enough weight at the north pole for a full inversion. Most of these axis shifts have caused Tsunami's such as the Dec 2004 Indonesian Tsunami which killed a quarter million people and several more shifts since 2004. 
  • The gov't has a group of hireling disrupters who sign onto blogs, groups & sites to disrupt, shout down and discredit any subject which they want to conceal. The gov't openly admitted they had done this with the UFO groups since the 50's, the 911 WTC groups, downplaying  the nuclear fallout hazards from Japan's Fukushima plant, 3 mile island leaks & cancers, silencing the bizarre changes in the weather, hiding their covert space program, black projects, gov't corruption and efforts to conceal the irreparable damage they have done to the planet. It is up to you if you wish to listen to some loudmouth gov't hireling on some blog or fake website as your source for what is true and what is not. 
  • Many organizations are CIA front  companies  or cooperate voluntarily or by blackmail to acquire or perform wiretapping, customer info, placement of  covert agents, Board of directors, etc, such as:  MUFON, Mullin Company,   (ALL telephone, wireless & internet providers), CNN, parcel shipping  & courier service, News Corp, Embassies,  Air America, MSSS, NASA, Lockheed,  International aide groups,  job Corp, Charities, Red Cross, FEMA, Northup Grumman, JPL, University of California, Zia Company, EG&G, GE, Lanl, LLL, Sandia, Bell Labs,  Carlyle, major Universities, Ovex, CSX,  P&O, Dupont, Union Carbide,  NBC, Space X, film production companies, Energy Companies, International atomic regulatory & inspections, Haliburton, security companies, etc., to manage public concept of covert issues the gov't wants concealed  or to sneak agents into foreign countries covertly. They also create false terror groups & recruit online. (Isis, al Qaeda, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Afghanis tan, Sandi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Venezuela, Pakistan, etc)  CIA prisons in Thailand, Gitmo, etc.  CIA tried to access Myanmar (Burma) as international aide & charities after monsoon killed, thousands but they recognized trick & refused aide to keep us out. Venezuela kicked out CIA Jackals hiring to create anti gov't riots & protesters. Similar issues in Panama & other central & south American countries to overthrow leaders with hired protesters or arrange assassinations. Usually for benefit of American Corporations. United Fruit, Exxon, Chevron, Monsanto, United Steel, etc. 
  • Frankly, the CIA should be spread to the winds as JFK suggested. They have a covert shadow group in control of the country & gov't which assassinates without authority or reason as described in 3 days of the condor. It is a dangerous parasite which needs to be excised.
  • However, the last couple years the gov't & scientific community have begun to acknowledge the axis shift including stealing my info & submitting it as their own.  Pretty sad.
  • There are no lies or false info on this website. This is not a global warming website nor a prophesy site. This is a serious, factual shifting of Earth's axis which is continuing to shift and is heading for a catastrophic shift onto its side like Uranus in the next few years. Quite likely in our lifetimes. Possibly as soon as 2020 based on gov't comments & actions but that date is just a SWAG at this point. All of the info provided on this website is verifiable. The scientific data includes the referenced links and data directly from NASA, SOHO, ESA, NOAA, NWS, USGS, Smithsonian Institution, Goddard Space Center, FEMA, JPL, IRIS  and other respected scientific authorities & gov't agencies. I copied and posted ALL of the data & info available on these issues from these agencies at the time. If there is different data or additional images... these were added by those agencies "after the fact" as an effort to cover their  rears AFTER I copied & posted the original data. What I have posted is their original official data & images. Anything extra has been since added to those links by that organization as a deliberate cover-up which you can compare and see what deception has been added to cover their behinds.  The Navy's Clementine images of the moon is a good example of after the fact coverup.
  • The GPS system did not shift with the planet in Dec 2006 which disrupted the GPS system and was subsequently corrected with software patches. The failure was attributed to a phony solar flare 4 months after it occurred. I've posted evidence there was no super flare on that date. The GPS failed due to a shift of the axis which was captured on a weather satellite and is viewable on this website. 
  • In response to a loudmouth gov't hireling... TV satellite dishes capture signals from a broad area of the sky and do not require precision alignment. They are not lasers nor microwaves. They can be off center by a foot in any direction. That's why they use dishes. Dishes can send and receive any signal between the horizon and almost directly overhead without adjustment. The satellites themselves are also capable of rotational and positional adjustments. However, there is currently a 20-30% loss in satellite signal quality  since the axis shift  which I have verified on my own satellite signal diagnostics but it is still within signal parameter requirements.  This is a good example of someone making technical assessments about a technology which they had no qualifications.  The next time your midwest, beer drinking, redneck neighbor decides to make declarations about satellite dishes, Polaris or the GPS; consider their technical expertise & qualifications...  Or lack, thereof.
  • In regard to star positions, despite the  850 mile shift, there are very minor differences in distant star positions which are too miniscule to detect without laser targeting. However, I downloaded star charts for mid Mexico and North Dakota 2000 miles for the same date and time so you can compare just how miniscule the star positions variances are between those distances which are equal to the axis change.  I have also lived in both regions & compared the stars.  Which is more than the complainers can claim. Star Chart comparison. 
  • So when you are dealing with some loud mouth skeptic, you should wonder whether this person is a gov't hireling paid to disrupt... or a moron... or someone looking for 15 minutes of attention by lording over some blog & passing judgments they are not qualified to make, ask the blog owner to moderate them or leave the site
  • All info on this site is verifiable and is posted for your benefit to keep you informed on the truth... but it makes no difference to me whether you wish to believe or not. I already know the truth and have nothing to gain either way.


This is not a "Global warming" website. Although Global warming has played a role in the melting of the polar regions, this website addresses the scientific data & information about other serious global changes to our planet and how it is affecting our weather, seismic & volcanic stability. 

The menu contains links to articles, data, images and information from Government & taxpayer  funded Agencies. All information contained on this website has been based on verifiable information from official sources to ensure you can access and verify the authenticity of this information


Most of the images, Data and information on this website are courtesy & credited to NASA, Goddard Space Center, SOHO, NOAA, NWS, USGS, Smithsonian Institute, Plymouth State College, US Government, public domain information and your American Tax dollars which paid for & funded the research, info, and images developed by most of these entities.

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